Applied Labels Review


I was sent samples of Applied Labels .This is a pic of all the items I was sent to test out, pre-printed name labels, and shoe shields. I gave them the ultimate test, applied to a few items dishes & clothing tags, and ran through the dishwasher, and washer, and to my amazement they stayed in place and did not run !!  The shoe shields are nifty thing! You place your label first, then apply the clear shoe shield over the label. After walking around in the shoes for a while today, I found the labels stayed in place and then as I tried to remove the label. Let me tell you it was "tough" so I have no doubt how durable they will stand up to an active kids shoe.
(picture of shoe is mine with attached label & shoe shield over it)
A little about Applied Labels (from thier site) - They offer ultra-durable, personalized labels for all the things kids bring to school, camp, or daycare. They are waterproof, dishwasher and even laundry safe for items with tags.Applied Labels proved to be so versatile that they can be used for just about anything that goes to daycare. was founded by a Chemical Engineer turned Mompreneur. The flagship product line, an ultra-durable, dishwasher-safe name label, was originally designed to solve the unending task of daycare-required baby bottle labeling. It was quickly discovered that these labels were perfect not only for baby bottles, but also for virtually every item that needs to be labeled.
Available accessories they offer:
  • Baby Tapes-are dishwasher safe color code tapes.
  • Baby Dates- are mini, single-use date labels ideal for daily bottle dating.
  • Shoe Shields- are clear, protective labels used to cover name labels in shoes.
  • Content Labels are pre-printed Formula or Breast Milk labels.
  • Labels are available in four Font Selections and quantities of 30, 60 and 90
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I was no way paid or compensated in any way to write this review post. I was sent samples of their products to try out . This review is of my own honest personal experience and opinion with the samples received.