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Set of (4) WeGuard Baby Gate Wall Protectors for Baby Gates Only $9.99 Today!!

Baby-proofing your home can be a daunting task, but it should not be! The biggest concern any parents want to install baby gates but worry about damaging their walls. Now you don't have to worry - You get a Baby proof home and protection for your walls with this Set of (4) WeGuard Baby Gate Wall Protectors- Super strong grip for all pressure mounted gates. Universal , Safe, Non-Toxic Super Strong Grip . And protect your walls home and value and your little ones!

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Why I #Detox using Natural #HerbaFrame TeaTox Detox !

Let's face it our bodies are like cars - we need to flush out the junk that makes us start running sluggish ! If not we begin to feel bloated, iratable, cranky, easily catch colds . So for me detoxing enhances my immune system function, helps me to loose Weight. Improves the  quality of  my life over all  . I get improved energy, Better Sleep and over all good health.  Stops premature aging and wrinkles ! Improves my skin quality - over all keeps me feeling the best I can  and at  peak performance.

There are so many fads out there to detox ,  and hundreds of products on the shelves- as you have too probably been an over load that makes you wonder what to do !

I prefer the most natural way I can and using things from mother earth . Natural healing in my choice all the way from detox, preventing illness, colds, hair skin etc. One thing I know for sure is what we put in and in our body must be pure and from the wholesome earth ! That's why I Love HerbaFrame 14-Day TeaTox Detox Tea  Natural Detoxifying Body Cleanse - it's just that - Pure Natural Goodness that I feel safe using as a detox in a great tasting g cup of Tea!!
You get 28 Tea Bags  for the 14 Day Detox ( 2/ Day) - Each Tea Bag Contains - Dandelion Leaf, Gynostemma Tea, Lotus Leaf, Pu-erh Tea, Burdock Root, Nettle Leaf, Dry whole Goji berries, White Tea, Rose, Rooibos Tea, Chrysanthemum flowers.

The combo of all these great mother earth provided natural ingredients you can detox in a natural good for you way. I know my body was thanking me and I felt good about using only natural good natural products.

HerbaFrame 14-Day TeaTox Detox is super easy to use ! Just 2 cups of tea a day for 14 Days . Don't be afraid to ad a little honey to sweateen it. It's also great after you brew to pour over ice and take with you as well !  Gives me great Energy , so Mornings and Mid day work best vs in the evening!!

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Premium Quality Set of (5) Squeeze Bottles Every Kitchen Needs !

DEAL ALERT - Grab this Set of 5 Chef Grade Culinary Squeeze Bottles!!

As a culinary guru, one of the most wanted things in a kitchen besides a good knife set is " squeeze bottles"! Yes you heard that right. Every Chef and kitchen guru will say it. They are great for everything - much more than just Mayo and ketchup. They are like a paint brush is to an artist - an extension of creating food art ! How do you think all those fancy dinner delights come out. We have to put the final touches in something! I think every kitchen should have a dozen or two.

All those delightful sauces created. So easy to whip up a sauce or dressing and store them. Also great for your oils - always at reach, easy to use. And great for family Ice-Cream moments - easy for kids to use and no mess !! 

Now the best part - squeeze bottles are incredibly affordable. Such as one of my favorite brands - they come in for less that a few dollars each. You can grab this set  by KreativeON today for just $11.85 - " Bargain Alert !! 🎉 Plus Free 2 Day Shipping for Prime Members on Amazon 💃

This set is great. Set of 5 (16 ounces each) . Very durable , have an added super grop to them -  and hold up well in washing and use. I love them for all my dessert toppings as well.


Sign up for the Bosch Envision Windshield Wiper Challenge today and enter to win

Sign up for the Bosch Envision Windshield Wiper Challenge today and enter to win a Nintendo Switch, Amazon Echo, or GoPro!

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January Swago with Spin & Win !!

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The digital rewards site Swagbucks is offering big payouts during their January "Swago" promotion starting Monday, January 8th at 9am PT

Hottest BPA Free Insulated Stainless Steel Vacuum Thermos Everyone's Raving Over #Somiga

Somiga Insulated Stainless Steel Food Thermos is the perfect addition to any lunch or outing. Incredible quality that comes in three color choices, as well as 17(oz) or (26 (oz). Also a fantastic folding spoon that stores on the cap! Keeps Food Hot for up to 6 -12 hours and Cold up to 12-24 hours. Bpa free!
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Looking for a way to rebuild your finances after the holidays?f you haven't tried Swagbucks before, you can get a bonus $3 for signing up as my referral during January.

SAVE $4 OFF General Admission to Crayola Experience- Orlando

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Discover the magic of color with 26 hands-on attractions. More than 70,000 square feet of wonderful, whimsical adventures await your family at this one-of-a-kind attraction located at the Florida Mall in Orlando, Florida. Bigger, brighter and bolder than ever, the colorful adventures of Crayola Experience help kids and adults alike explore art and technology, express their creativity and experience color in a whole new way. Also, featuring live entertainment. To learn more, visit www.crayolaexperience.com or join the conversation

SAVE $4 OFF General Admission to Crayola Experience when purchased online via this link


AuroTrends Professional Barber Razor Edge Hair Cutting Shears set

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Cut hair with precision just like the pros with this top quality hair cutting shears, thinners, clip, comb and elegant carry case set.

High Quality Sandlewood Scented Beard Comb and Case

Pamper the man in your life with this one of a kind Beard Comb. Has a very Natural Sandalwood that works to prevent Static and Hypoallergenic Wood Pocket Comb - For Long and Short Beards amd Mustaches with Fragrance Scent by BEARD-DO high quality natural materials to maintain that classy style all day. Truley a unique gift for any man! 

NEO Bluetooth Headphones White-Wire With Advanced Features: Wireless Earbuds

NEO Bluetooth Headphones White-Wire With Advanced Features: Wireless Earbuds Bluetooth 4.1 With Crystal Clear Microphone, Stunning HD Sound, Longest 10 Hour Charge. For Sport,Running,
Walking,Gym,Work   ORDER HERE

TOP Vacum Storage Bags - Large Pack of 5!!

Organize for the Holidays and New Year with this (5) Pack of Compress and  Store Superior Seals Vacuum Storage Bags  Great size at (20 X 28 Inches ). Get 80% More Storage Than Leading Brands) comes with a Free Hand Pump - Great for travel, lakes, boating, camping and more!! 



Baby Ear Muffs By #Exceedbuy are the perfect way to keep your little ones hearing safe in large crowds

20% OFF Today - Use Code: CL6C5THU

Baby Ear Muffs By Exceedbuy are the perfect way to keep your little ones hearing safe in large crowds or noisy events. Designed to be safe,fun and comfortable for all toddlers from 3 to 24 months 

Ergonomic construction ensures they do not cause your baby any kind of discomfort, and their cute, unisex design is perfect for your  little ones,  boys and girls alike.


Mystery Tackle Box Review

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I received this Mystery Tackle  Box to review  . As you can see it's chocked full of great stuff  for the fisherman/woman in your life. This is an awesome gift to give  someone in your life. Each month it's full of different high quality things . Check them all out here

$10.00 Off Your First Mystery Tackle Box Code USFAM10. New fishing products delivered monthly. http://mtbfish.com/holidaygiftUSFAM


Swago: Holiday Shopping Edition Is Back! (US)

The holidays are here and the online rewardssite Swagbucks has a smart and fun way for you to earn and save while you spend.

#AncordWorks Portable Bluetooth Shower Speaker Review

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I have found my all time favorite Bluetooth speaker that really has scrumptious sound. This baby is perfect for the shower and bath, by the pool, lake or beach because it is waterproof.

#ashleybridget Hair Bracelet #Review

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I found the perfect gift for my daughter- funny story of listening to her on the beach not able to find a hair band anywhere, tote, purse or car. So what a perfect gift for her beautiful little g locks and a sentimental braclet. With this stunning #ashleybridget Hair Bracelet

The Only Cookie Recipe You will Need this Holiday!!

This recipe makes a huge batch - you can decide on size of cookie you want . Large spoon makes average size cookie, and for monster size use a 1/4 Cup Ice cream scoop.

2 Cups Butter
1 1/2 Cup White Sugar
1 1/2 Cup Brown Sugar
4 Eggs
1 Cup Peanut Butter
4 Tsp Vanilla
1 Tsp Salt
2 Tsp Baking Soda
1/4 Cup Corn Startch
4 1/4 Cups Flour
4 1/4 Cups Oats
1 lb Bag Choc-Chips
1 lb Bag Heath bar Crush baking chips
1 lb BAG M/Ms (reg)
1 lb Bag Peanut Butter M/Ms

Cream Butter, Sugars together - then mix in peanut butter, eggs, vanilla. In a very LARGE Mixing bowl. With a hand mixer!

Then ad in all dry ingredients till mixed . I continue to use hand mixer then switch to wooden spoon
 When all dry is incorperated, with wooden spoon  mix in all Choc chips and candies.

Place dough in fridge to chill for 30-45 minutes ( do not skip this step)it's very important to get dough cold before baking.

With very Large Spoonfulls place on cookie sheets .

I use 1/4 Cup Cookie Scoop to make nice large ones, if you do not have a cookie scoop, simply pack in a 1/4 Cup measuring cup and them with hands round it and place on baking sheet. !! ( A large baking sheet will hold 8-10 - Tip- I also use silicone mats - if no mats use your non stick cookie sheets.

Bake 325 degrees for 12-15 minutes in middle of oven .

Remove from oven let sit a few minutes then transfer to wire wrack or paper lined counter to cool.
Cookie Tip - to keep cookies soft I store mine in air tight container with a few slices of bread on the bottom.

These are perfect for gift giving, cookie exchanges and enjoying all season long.

As stated before - you can make the cookies what ever size you like.

This dough keeps for weeks in fridge so super nice to whip up hot fresh cookies any time - if you do not want to bake all at once. I have also froze this dough for months as well.

My Cookie baking and Holiday Cooking is made easy for me with all of these wonderful Vremi premium kitchen items.

I can not express how much I love the quality. Visit www.vremi.com today to stock your kitchen , also makes great holiday gifts.

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**Hot **50% OFF Rebocks Shoes ( Men, Women and Kids)

USE Code " Green" at Checkout 
Valid 12/10-12/11 Only !! 

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* Also here are the last shipping dates for Reebok this year: 
Standard Shipping: 12/6
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Last day for guaranteed Christmas arrival: 12/21 

#RampageBoucle Plaid Wrap so versitle and super long and soft !

❄️ Baby it's Cold Outside - so hurry over and grab yourself this extra long, shawl Scarf to keep you warm on those chilli outings. I'm.blown away at how super soft they are ! Choice of colors - this one screamed holiday at me and even doubles as a tree shirt!


COZY UP: Made of soft knitted boucle fabric, this plaid wrap offers warmth and gentle comfort that you'll love to wear all day and night

STYLISH SILHOUETTE: Add a little fashion to your typical winter clothing with the casual yet crisp style of this wrap that comes in an array of colors
COMPLEMENTS ANY STYLE: Wear it the way you want it as this wrap can be used as a shawl, wrap, or cover up in many ways. It can be easily paired with almost any top, including turtleneck and collar shirts.

LONG TERM COMPANION: This one size wrap is made of sensible and long-lasting blends that can stand lots of active uses, so you can enjoy it for many occasions to come.

PERFECT FOR WINTER FASHION: Cozy and warm to wear, this versatile plaid shawl can carry you through cold nights or chilly seasons, making it a perfect addition to your winter clothing collection

Order Yours Here Today!

The Best Matcha Money Can Buy !!

This premium grade matcha will take you on a journey to 13th century Japan. Tasting the leaves and feeling at peace, the umami taste is sure to blow you away.

  • Premium Grade
  • Sweet Umami taste without the bitterness
  • High quality aroma with a lingering mature taste.
  • Hand-picked from the first harvest and from the finest part of the camelia leaf
  • Leaves have been de-stemmed and de-veined
  • Stone-ground
  • Made from the youngest, most vibrantly green leaves from the top of the bush
  • Fine, smooth texture
  • Produced in Kyoto, Kyotanabe - a region well known for their rich history in cultivating matcha

#ArtAccelerators - Professional 32 Oil Painting Set!

Art Accelerators presents this incredible professional set of 32  oil painting kit , that is vivid with  bright colors. This is an incredible set for any inspiring artist, student or DIY-er on your holiday list. These oil paints are nontoxic and 100% safe.


🎨 LET YOUR CREATIVITY RUN FREE & WILD: Do you love painting? Whether you’re a professional artist, a beginner or an enthusiastic DIY-er, you can try out the Art Accelerators new oil paint set and let your creativity flow! Use the oil painting kit to draw wall art for your house, landscapes or even portrait paintings. You can also use the oil paints to ace your art and craft projects and to create beautiful decorations for your walls and windows.

🎨 COMPLETE AND COLORFUL PALETTE: Art Accelerators has created a complete oil painting kit and it includes 32 uniquely bright and vivid colors. The oil paint will dry slowly, so you’ll have as much time as you need to work on your creative piece of art. And once you will have completed your painting, the colors will remain lively and vivid even after the oil paint dries. Try all 32 oil colors out and see for yourself!

🎨 PAINT LIKE A PROFESSIONAL ARTIST: Are you new to painting? Don’t worry, because this 32 color oil paint set will make you feel like you’ve been painting for years! The beautifully pigmented oil-based colors with the smooth and fine texture of the oil paint will allow you to paint like a professional. The colorful Art Accelerators oil paint set will give you the best results and it will never fail you.

🎨 NONTOXIC AND SAFE FOR YOUR HEALTH: Your safety is our top priority. That’s why Art Accelerators had created the safest and healthiest oil paint set on the market. Our oil paints are 100% nontoxic, so your health will under no circumstances be in danger. So don’t worry if the oil paint gets all over your hands. Your skin will be safe and it won’t have any rashes, itchiness or redness. You can trust us.

🎨 THE PERFECT GIFT FOR AN ART LOVER: Do you know someone who is super creative and loves art? Do you maybe know someone who gets easily stressed? The 32 color oil paint set is a great gift for art enthusiasts and people who need a hobby to relieve their stress. So don’t wait for a special occasion! Show these people how much you care about them with this professional oil painting kit!


Sun Tail Mermaid's tail and monofins to review

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I received this Sun Tail Mermaid's tail and monofins to review. They are true to size and very vibrant and good quality. You can get yours also . They are
tremely comfortable and virtually unbreakable. Their patented monofin is several steps ahead of everyone else in engineering, durability, comfort, and functionality. The propulsion and control is exceptional.

The monofins come in a wide range of beautiful colors, so you can match your mermaid tails or look amazing wearing it alone. https://www.suntailmermaid.com/