With the big Extreme Couponers TV Serious out now I wanted to take a step back and stress a few things to my followers about Coupon Ettiquette. This really is something that I feel should be pointed out. By all means, I am not trying to preach, just educate. I am also asking other bloggers , site owners and fans to please help spread the word by passing on this post on your blogs, twitter and facebook. Together we can all be part of teaching the do's and don'ts of coupons !

While using coupons and scoring free stuff is such a thrill ! There is one thing we have to keep in mind is that we as coupon consumers have a  right and responsibility to using "Coupon Ettiquette", because mis-using coupons is considered fraud So here are Coupon Don'ts!

CLEARING SHELVES - Clearing the shelve of the item, this is number one rude and hard on the stores and when this happens over and over again is when stores begin to limit the number of sale items a customer may be able to purchase. Its also not fair to the other shopper who ran in after work because thier child is sick and needed something.

Use Coupons for Item they Are Intended ForNever Ever use a coupon for a product the coupon is not intended for. Each and every coupon states what the product is for. If the coupon says  $ off a 5 oz size, then thats what it means. It does mean the trial 1 oz size. Now on the flip side if the coupon says $ off ANY size then so be it , use it on the small size to get an item for free, after all the coupon says " any size" This goes for the brand product , for example if the coupon says off Hurkys Deli Cut, then thats what its for, not Hurkys Mini's. Dont use baby wipe coupons on diapers even if a register or cashier does not catch it. Using a Coupon for something its not intended for is considred  coupon fraud. This is misredeption and cost manufactures and stores millions each year. If you know your using a coupon inproperly , its the same thing as shoplifting.

Never COPY a couponThis goes for Internet Printables, we all know the coupon print limit is normally (2). This goes for coupons from newspapers, magazines and inserts.Coping coupons is a  big NO NO.and against the law, even if a coupon does not have it printed on it.

Reselling Items You got for Free with a Coupon.Purchasing a 100 items to take and sell at a flea market or vender booths is is just plain wrong in coupon ettiqute. Donating to a shelter, food pantry, etc is ok. But if you say you dontate- Then Donate!!!!!

Selling Your CouponsSelling your coupons on ebay or online auction sites can land you in big trouble- think twice!

One last thing, taking coupons from your neighbors newspaper in the wee hours of the morning is just plain wrong wrong!

Lets face it, coupon frauders are going to ultimatly in time hurt the coupon world. Manufactures are going to have stricker coupons, stores are going to have strickter coupon policies and even have the right to stop taking coupons all together.
Use good coupon ettiquette always, you can save alot of money using coupons properly, I do all the time !