Nana's -Easter Deviled Eggs ( step by step Instructions)

Nana's Twist on Easter Deviled Eggs !

Yes !! You are looking at these right, real deviled eggs . Since my grand babies were not going to be around to color Easter eggs this year, I was starting to fret some - I admit it I am a kid at heart and love to color Easter eggs. Tonight I decided to do a grown up twist to them as we have a family Easter gathering at my in-laws tomorrow evening. ( see this way I get to fill my childhood desire) I wanted to bring something "fun" This recipe is super easy to do - I have step by step instructions below for you.
1. Start by Hard Boiling your eggs - my tip to no cracked shells is this . Add eggs and cold water to pan. Bring to a boil - boil for 15 minutes - remove from heat- cover and let stand another 20 minutes. perfect boiled eggs with out cracks each time.

2. Peel your eggs ( tip) peel them warm under warm running water. I like to crack mine and roll it on the counter, hit the running water and 99% of the time the shell will come off in one nice smooth peel.

3. Cut each egg in half and in separate bowls place the yokes and whites.  Gently in a colander wash off the whites to remove any yoke from them.  ( Tip - do not use a serrated knife when cutting your eggs)

4. Set up your Colors. I used spring food coloring with (2 tablespoons) to each bowl.

5. Place Eggs in the food coloring. Be sure to  give them room to move around, don't over crowd them. I did 4 in each bowl at a time. Let them sit for 5 minutes- remove them with a slotted spoon face down on paper towels. Keep repeating this till you have finished all eggs. ( drain  each color on separate paper towels to prevent one color running over to another.

6. When you are finished you will have perfectly colored whites to fill with your favorite deviled egg filling. ( recipe for filling is below if you are in need). I did use one of my frosting bags with a tip on it as I like the presentation better than spooning it in.  - Now to keep my dear husband out of them before the dinner tomorrow night - challenge !

Basic Egg Dye Coloring Recipe
  • 1 Tsp - Food Coloring
  • 2 - Cups of " HOT"  Water
  • 2 TBS - White Vinegar
Mix with a spoon - use a seperate bowls and spoons as to not mix the colors ! If you just have the basic primary colors - see back of box for more colors you can make by mixing colors.
Filling Recipe
  • Yolks ( all of them from the eggs you separated earlier)
  • 1/2 TSP - Salt
  • 1/2  TSP - White Pepper
  • 1 TSP - White Sugar
  • 1 TBS - Dijon Mustard
  • 1/4 Cup Mayo 
Directions: With a fork mash your egg yolks to a fine bread crumb constancy. Add salt, pepper, sugar, mustard and then gradually add in the mayo a little at a time until you get a nice mix. You may have to add tad more mayo if it is dry - but never add allot to start with as you can not take it out , and do not want to ruin your filling and end up with a runny mess.

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  1. What is the food coloring mixed with? Water? How much goes in with the coloring? Did u use McCormic coloring?

    1. if you read step 4 your answer is there

    2. I actuallly used my Wilton Frosting Dye Colors - same stuff. Here is a basic recipe for you for the egg dye

      Basic Egg Dye Coloring Recipe

      1 Tsp - Food Coloring
      2 - Cups of " HOT" Water
      2 TBS - White Vinegar
      Mix with a spoon - use a seperate bowls and spoons as to not mix the colors ! If you just have the basic primary colors - see back of box for more colors you can make by mixing colors.

  2. if you count the finished deviled eggs you will see how nana got a dozen eggs to stretch into 14 whole eggs.... can this gal ever pinch a penny! wtg nana

    and ps those look awesome !!!

  3. beware that i did this one year and we couldn't get the kids to eat them lol. they thought something was wrong with them lol!! but it left more for us adults and they sure were pretty!!

  4. so if i mix red and blue and green and get a blackish dye, like those oriental black eggs. i might get the whole tray to myself.......... freekin awesome !! i will teach them this year not to eat my deviled eggs while i am away in the kitchen...... lol

    1. Well now thats an intersting Idea and I THANK you become I have filed that away in my Frugal Halloween Tricks and Tips. Ide eat your black eggs *wink

  5. I think I actually started with aout 19 eggs - all the rest had to go into the Mac Salad I also had to make and we wont mention the hubs eating a one of the peeled ones !

  6. well now the majic is gone i thought you made 14 out of 12
    golly molly was i ever fooled........lmao

  7. oh and one more thing a pass thru the kitchen by the house bunny. is a automatic snitching of at least one tester be glad it was a pass thru and stop over.........!!! lol

    1. oops and not a stop over sorry was in a rush

    2. Well I hope the Easter Bunny was good to you today - you need some bunny luvin! Mr !