Nana's French Onion Frugal Recipe

Nana's French Onion Frugal Recipe

I have heard time and time again from people how they just love to order french onion soup out because they think its just too hard to make at home. Let me tell you, its probably one of the easiest soups to make . Not only that you only has (6) Ingredients and most likely you have them in your pantry now !  I have been horribly sick for the past week, and the one thing I crave when I am sick is home made soup, just so happened to be " French Onion " this time- took me 3 days to muster up enough energy to make this, but was it so worth it cuddled on the couch in my favorite jammies and blanket !  This Recipe Makes 6 Servings

Lets start with the so called (6) Ingredients
(5) Large Onions
(1) Stick of Margarine
(1( Cup of White Flour
(6) Cups - Beef Broth
(1) Cup of Shredded Cheese
(6) Peices of Toasted  Thick Bread ( french, sour dough , bagette etc) You can use ordinalry bread toasted as well if you desire.

1) Melt Margarine in a nice size pot, Peel and Slice your 5 Onions Thinly Add Onions and cook on low heat

Cook your Onions till carmel colored ( hence the name carmalized onions)

4) When onions are cooked, add in flour and stire constantly for a few minutes - 0the goal is to cook the flour a bit with out burning it .

5. Add in your beef broth, stir and let your soup thicken. This is where you need to taste it first due to beef broths all have different salt levels - so taste then , salt and pepper it and for petes sakes - Taste it so you know your well seasoned. Nothing worse than bland french onions soup! A good Cook always taste thier food before serving it !

After your soup has a nice thickened consitancy, you can tell if you dip your spoon in and watch it run off and if it leaves some on the back of the spoon your ready.

Laddle into French Onion Soup Dishes or any style about that size that is oven ready. Top with your Toasted Bread and add swizz cheese

Then bake off in a 350 degree oven for about 10-12 minutes until golden and bubbly on top .

Enjoy !

I made three of them, one for myself, hubby and one for hubbys dinner at work. Then froze the remainder and labled and into the deep freeze for another meal.

*Tip*  I will always make extra of something and freeze and after the month is over. Then all month long I just have to pull from the freezer for easy meals that are home made. Exspecially those days when I am dragging at the end of the day and it really curbs that feeling of ordering out and saving money. Always something in the freezer that can be popped in the oven or thawed in the microwave.
As my kids about some of those suprise drop in pot luck meals !!!

I hope you enjoyed this recipe and I look forward to hearing how yours turns out. Feel free to snap a few phots for me and I will add them below as Fans Recipe Trys Photos !!!

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