Can you Stack Manufacture Coupons with E-Coupons ? Survey Says.....

Can you Stack Manufacture Coupons with E-Coupons ?
Survey Says................
  • "Yes" - ONLY - If your E-coupon is a Store Coupon you can stack them together. In short that means if your E Coupon is only good at a specific store , you can stack it.
  • But if your E-Coupon is a manufacture coupon - meaning you can use it at any store then the answer is "NO".
  • SavingStarHow to get E-Coupons? Now some of you maybe wondering Just was an E-Coupon? Well its a coupon you can download to a savers card and use at your local stores loyalty card  - Get Started here for FREE
I hope this helps clear that confussion up !
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