Easy - Left over Italian Soup - Whats for Dinner at Your House?

Whats for dinner at your house - I am famous for freezing left overs to turn into something else. This morning with it being as cold as -17 below- I thought what a perfect soup day. Plus I have lots of blogging and reviews to catch up on today - so a no worry dinner is done .  Here is my creation for Italian Pasta Soup redone

1 Bag of Italian meat spaghetti sauce from pasta night ( from freezer)
1 Large Can of Tomato Juice ( from Pantry)
Italian spices ( parsley, garlic, Oregeno) * I always add this in after
About 2 cups of cooked Elbow Macaroni ( use what you have on hand ( Pantry Item)
Put together and simmer till your liking. This makes a great Crock Pot Dinner

This is going to go great with all that home made bread I made yesterday from my Halla Bread review - PS You can win a big gift pack of Tribes a Dozen Halla Egg Bread ( Package of 3 mixes) yourself right here at Nana's Deals ( ends 2/15/14) so Enter Today - CLICK HERE