Soda Stream Gives us Fun Family Fizz - Review!

I am thrilled that Soda Stream asked me to review their new Soda Stream Source. We had a huge blast testing this out , and so far everything we tried- WE LOVE !  Now I love soda, but I am tired of the high cost of it and this Soda Stream Source is going to truly save us allot of money. And clear up allot of fridge clutter. We can make it fresh when we want it, not store and lug cans and big bottles in and out of the store. I wasn't feeling the best the other night , and like with all of my tummy upsets- ginger-ale usually helps calm it. How fortunate I was to have ginger-ale in our kit. In a matter of minutes, I was able to whip up a liter of fresh ginger-ale bubbles and all ) Aha.....We also loved all the other Flavors, Coke, Diet-Cola, Diet Lemon Lime, Root bear, Kool-Aid, Country Time Lemonade, Cranberry, Cosmopolitan, Flavored waters lemon, orange, Grape Fruit and so much more. And lets not forget about the Energy Drink !

We thought it would be fun to put together a few video reviews of our Soda Stream Source. What better way than to see it in action, Bloopers and all ! So with out further waiting. Please take a peek at our home video reviews.

Now that you got to see our Fun we had, its hard not to want one for yourselfI absolutly LOVE not buying and lugging in soda bottles to the house. And the Money you save is phenominal. The Average Cost of a 2 Liter bottle of soda is $2 and Up

SodaMix flavors are available in economy sized bottles. Each bottle of concentrated SodaMix contains enough syrup to make about 12 liters or 33 cans of fresh, delicious soda. No high-fructose corn syrup in regular flavors. No aspartame in diet flavors.

The average Cost of a Soda Stream Syrup is $4.99 = 12 Liters = 6/2 Liters =  about $0.41 per Liter - This is a HUGE Money Saver .

Soda Stream Online

You can also find from there local stores near you that carry the Soda Strem, Flavor Syrups and refillable COD caninsters as well as supplies !