360 Casting is wanting Movie Extras - Nationwide !!

360 Casting is wanting Movie Extras .

As a film extra, you’ll make some easy money, get a chance to see movie making up close, and perhaps become immortalized on screen. Here’s how to get a gig.  Click HERE

Movie Extras Make $300-$500 a Day for just being an extra, such as in a crowd, building etc. You dont have to have exsperience. I signed up, simple just entered my phone number and they called me back with in 1 minute to take my information and the local shoots in my area. This should be fun !!!

  1. Click HERE
  2. Enter Your Phone Number
  3. Get (1) Fast Call Back to Tell you whats in your area.
  4. Simple and Free and they will get you on the listings !!

 They are looking for ALL Ages !!!