Cash for your OLD Cell Phones Today - I got $150 for Mine !!!

How many of you have those old cell phones stuffed in jumk drawers. Well pull them out and its time to sell them. I just sold 3 of mine for $150 total. Mommy is getting some new shoes !  Head over to uSell, look up your phone(s) to see what they will pay you. If you like the offer- click to request to sell , they will send you a prepaid mailer with a offer invoice. Stuff your phone in the mailer, drop off in your mail box- pop the flag up- and in a few weeks you get a check - this is serious hard cold cash. ! 

1. Head Here and request  a FREE  a return Mailer
2. Send your Old Cell Phone in
3. Get a Check in the Mail for them !! 

The process was really easy , I just found my phone on the list and search on the sight, clicked to sell it. received a prepaid mailer with in 3 days in the mail - put  my cell phone back in mailed back and got a check with in a week in the  mail. ! 

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