BellyRest - Helping Uncomfortable Pregnant Women Get More Sleep

I was sent the  Belly Rest Pregnancy Pillow  by Fair Haven Health to review. This came in super great for my daughter who was expecting her second child. Her partner hated her huge body pillow feeling smothered in bed. So she gave this a try and found it to be wonderful in helping her get a comfortable night's sleep and used it right through the 3rd trimester. 

 Made from 50% cotton/ 50% polyester satin.

Unlike the huge body pillows, the Belly Rest Pregnancy Pillow is small , and adjustable . It actually has two small pillows that help cradle the hips and belly. My daughter,  also suffers from a bad back and found this to be Divine and feeling really rested with out any aches and pains when getting up. Jessica, liked that it was adjustable to grow with her baby belly.  .We also loved that it was machine washable and held its shape well. She also had some early labor issues at 30 weeks and spent sometime in the hospital on bed rest, and her small Belly Rest Pregnancy Pillow went with her too ! 

Here's how the Belly Rest Pregnancy Pillow looks in action

** Review Update 6/01/14*** 
Our End Result even through all the aches and pains - Welcome my newest Grandson "Gage"  born May 27, 2014 - a Healthy Baby Boy 

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