Janes Patient Gown for Women, Regular+Plus Sizing - dignity for women today!

Janes™ Gown
 Wellness Gown and Patient Gown for women that offers comfort, coverage and dignity.
"Changing the way Women are SEEN...One Jane at a Time!"

Having spent many years as a Hospice Nurse as well as working in the Hospital setting. the one of the things we all wish would change is those horrible hospital gowns for women, you know that lovely thing they hand you during a hospital stay, check up , mammogram etc. Yeah that thing with the big wide opening and either its so small you can not hold the back closed. I remember going in for a mammogram once and being sent in a room told to put on the gown, then having to walk down a hall holding the back closed and feeling very exposed and vulnerable.

As a Hospice Nurse I have worked with many many  cancer patients, and how protecting our patients dignity is so important during time of recovery as well as the long journey they are going through.  I am so thankfully honored to have crossed paths with a wonderful woman by the name of Sharon Linder,  who having spent many hours visiting clinics and hospitals with family members thought there must be a better way to keep dignity. She is the creator of Janes™ , a wonderful new ever so soft and comfy gowns that close in the "front" . they are so much more than just a better patient gown; Janes™ give women the dignity they deserve!

I have to say that  Janes™ Gown are wonderful- and would be a perfect gift for someone in your life that you know has to deal with many doctor visits and testings. They can take their own gown with them and regain that dignity back. 

You can also get a great matching little Jane's Carry bag too ! 

What Makes Janes™ Gowns so Special....
Janes™ Patient Gowns are constructed of a soft, durable, spa-like waffle weave knit fabric (60% cotton / 40% polyester) designed for comfort and durability. Add a cinch sack to easily take your Jane to your next doctors visit or to give as a gift. Commercial laundry tested and approved. Machine wash in hot/cold. 

  Janes™ Mission
To let women know...it is okay to bring your own gown to a doctor's appointment. To contribute to the well-being of women during routine medical exams, procedures, hospitalizations and recovery, by offering dignity, a sense of security and comfort.

** If you are a Clinic, Doctors Office , Hospital ** Please consider bringing this special item to your place for patients - its such a comforting feeling . Janes can also do a custom logo for you on them. Contact Janes at (866) 602-8398 x 821

Janes believes in giving back ...
2% of profits from every Jane sold funds mammograms for undeserved women. “Win-Win,” defined as; guaranteeing a favorable outcome for everyone involved. Every Jane sold helps women who cannot afford a mammogram  We have lots of experience planning events and would like to help you plan a win-win Janes fundraiser to raise money for mammograms. Raising money for Mammograms can help you meet your organizations fundraising goals. There is not a better reason to raise money. Please contact us for this unique opportunity. sharon@getjanes.com

Get Janes for yourself or Someone Special Today 
In fact, treat all the women you care about to greater empowerment and peace-of-mind: wrap them up in the warmth and beauty of Janes™. Click HERE to Shop Now

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Janes™ Gown
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