Home Made Sports Drinks ! ( just 0.25 for a 20 Ounce Bottle vs $2 + Store Bought)

Why I started Making my own Home Made Sports Drinks.... 

Well here we are, back to school time and sports for the kids. We know Kids and athletes love their sports drinks. Its even sold in the school vending machines - Just pop $2 bucks in and walla- the kids have a super sports drink they think is going to make them preform better.. hmm...

But recently looking at a bottle of a very well known sports drink on the market that I had purchased for my son after a practice.... Here is what I discovered-   Sports drinks provide Water +Sodium + Carbs + Chemicals. ( water, sodium and carbs are depleted in exercise and playing sports. My two main concerns are the Bad Carbs + Chemicals in these little colorful bottles of sports drinks.  First Ingredient in them is HIGH FRUCTOSE CORN SYRUP = the Cabs - Wowsa and I work so hard not to fill their diets and snacks up with that crap. Not to mention the damage to teeth with drinking those bad sugars.  And what about  the weird chemicals in these brand name sports drinks. Why do we need to ingest chemicals ?? Just to get rehydrated ! So Pretty alarming thought isn't it. Also that we are paying upwards of $2.50  for a bottle of this stuff. As far as the vitamins go - well I give my kids a daily vitamin to start with each day - extra is not going to help. 

Here is my home made DIY Sports Drink Recipe

  • (2) Quarts of Cold Water 
  • (1) Package of Wyler's Unsweetened Kool-aid ( any flavor)
  • (1/2) Cup  of Splenda
  • (1/2) Cup of Orange Juice
  • (1/2 ) Teaspoon of Salt 
  • ** Mix and Refrigerate** 

Cost of Making this 2 Quarts ( 64 Ounces) = (3) 20 oz bottles of Sports Drink  is roughly about $ .75  that breaks down to only $0.25 Per Bottle vs $2 for store bought - Huge Savings - Plus much healthier for yourself and the kids !

Yes it takes a little time to make ( about 3 minutes) just like anything good for you or you can run to the store, purchase the commercial brands and pay for it. Personally I like knowing I am helping to keep my family healthier.

Thought to Ponder.....
Children are recommended to get just 12 grams of sugar per day. One bottle of  Store bought Sports Drink, then–which, by the way, is four servings–is almost five times as much as a child needs in a day, with little to no nutritional payoff. No fiber, no fruit, no pretense of health. You can read more on this topic HERE at Blisstree.com

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