Prayers for the Parents of Michael Brown and Ferguson, MO !!

I've listened , read and seen for the last week on the "Ferguson" incident. I almost do not want to comment- but because of social media, its in my face every where I go, Facebook, Twitter, Yahoo, Google, etc etc. 

Regardless if we think its right or wrong - I am going to not take those sides and rather sit and say a prayer for a Mother and Father, "however it happened" is going to bury their child..... And as a Mother who has had to close her child's casket and stand over a grave, when you didnt think your own legs would keep you upright... and watch them lower my child into in, knowing I will never see that smile again or share that bond that over powers you.. And then to find the damn courage it takes every day to get out of bed and give the best of myself, that is left to others around me...Maybe if the rest of this world, and those causing caos with riots and violence would just stop for 5 seconds and think about it, perhaps compassion could resurface...where is the justice for this mother??? .. there isnt going to be any - her child is gone forever... and all she can do is learn to live a new normal...... end of story.. again just my 2 cents

 My son " Christopher" (Age 24) died as an innocent passenger in a car on Feb 20, 2008.  Due to a  a tragic car/semi collision. Because a Semi Driver couldn't follow the damn laws of the road - There was no huge public out cry on that in the news, radio or social media for this young life lost .... justice is found in following the law..... no breaking it with riots and looting....

From one Mother to another - My Prayers are with you during this loss of your child.. 

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