Sniffle Buddies -A Buddy To Catch Their Sniffles!

Sniffle Buddies®  "?"  That was my very first reaction when I read that name myself. As a hands on health care provider curiosity got me (as it always does!) and off I went to educate myself. 

I soon discovered after spending over an hour on the  Sniffle Buddies® web site, that they are this hot new ingenious cuffs that can be worn for toddlers up to adults for a hands free catch  those sniffles clear drips, created by J. Kelly Mayes

They are so ultra soft and beats the nose wiping on shirts, sleeves and anything in between including Moms!! They are echo friendly. And just think of the money savings you will save in tissues alone during these times that won't end up in the landfills!

I was ecstatic to receive two Sniffle Buddies® to try out. First one in small toddler and one in med child. And we put them to the ultimate test today. A trip to Chucke Cheese. I first showed the kids , and their new Sniffle Buddies® and explained to them what they were for and how to use it. 

They were so excited and right away used them and that was it. I was very impressed that the our young one, was able to pick up so fast!!! Normally on a run like this with allergy runny noses I tote along a box of tissues or travel pack and by the end of the day both their little noses are red from me wiping them. 

But today at the end of our fun adventure " no red noses" !! The six year old who is in kindergarten asked if he could take it to school too ! I said of course you can !! The Sniffle Buddies®  tag has a place to write your child's name on it too.

Sniffle Buddies® are 70% Organic bamboo, 28% Organic Cotton, and 2% poly for stretch. The antibacterial & anti-fungal properties. I was impressed as someone who works in the health care industry myself to learn how healthy bamboo is vs cotton for allergy prone folks. You can read all about it on the Sniffle Buddies® web site here at  the products page.

I loved the idea as I watched them play today that it did just that- let them play with out me constantly wiping their noses! I did not break out the tissues once! With  Sniffle Buddies® its on the cuff and not on the hand to spread those germs all over the place. It did just what it claims to do- let the child play

Sniffle Buddies® emphasises on their site this: Sniffle Buddies are NEVER for blowing into...just for tending the tickle or sniffle. They're also being used to tend DROOL in special needs folks. And for adults... ask your skier friends where they're wiping? GIVE YOUR GLOVE A BREAK. 

Sniffle Buddies are NOT offered as a replacement for proper tissue use, NEVER for blowing your nose into, and intended for OUTDOOR playtime use unless they're being utilized by a special needs individual - then indoor/outdoor for light drool.

Instead of tucking a tissue for trips to the gym, taking a jog, hiking, biking, gardening, or yoga, whip on one of our Sniffle Buddies® and toss it in the wash when you're done. Sniffle Buddies, LLC is happy to be a Green America Approved Business!  Each month 10% of proceeds  go to the charities !

Sniffle Buddies are available in these sizes:

  • (S)-Toddler's bare wrist - Natural (Dye-free), Pink, Powder Blue, Mint, Navy Blue
  • (M)-Child Over-the) Coat / Adult bare wrist - Natural (Dye-free), Pink, Powder Blue, Mint, Navy Blue
  • (L)-Adult Over the Coat (a ski glove's friend) - Natural (Dye-free), Yellow, Black, Mint, Navy Blue

I would highly recommend to any parent to give Sniffle Buddies® a try , and get two of them. Because your not going to want to be with out one. So you have one on hand when the other is being washed. We will be ordering some extras just for this!

I was  impressed with Sniffle Buddies® Don't go another day chasing those sniffles and tickles with tissues. Get your child a Sniffle Buddies® today and see just for yourself what a wonderful product this is and all those yukky germs are not to their hands and faces transferred to everyplace else they touch, including YOU!

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