Faimly Vacation - Enjoy the Adirondacks, NY

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 Adirondacks, NY 
Family Fun Day !

How we balance work and family - sometimes you just have to stop and go have fun!

As we set off with the Kids for a nice October Trip to the   mountains . Someone decided it was game day with Tom in the drivers seat.  I cant be sure who started this but I think it was Paige...Lets go on a scavenger hunt I hear from the back seat.....after a few seconds of thoughts. I think- hey great idea kids - we can do this and loving their new found imagination of doing things out of the blue that do not require electronics, cell phones- just good old fun.

Side note,  How it became of 3 against 1 game ( kids and I against Tom) one never knows.. LOL . Lesson No. 1 of  family  photography-Always be ready to shoot at any given moment. I am always disappointed when we miss a chance for a good picture and memory to keep.

First item up for  Daddy to find- a "Moose" - I'm thinking we should be at this all day and kids will keep searching. I will have a nice quiet drive looking at all the fall foliage and leaves. Something that I have so missed in the 20+ years I have been away from home ( again there I go thinking - that thinking always gets me in more trouble. ) Well we drove a bit- Why my natural predictions of Tom's prankster actions did not come across my mind, one never knows why, usually its the first thing I think anymore.....  Perhaps the smell of the fall air had me mesmerized ?

We end up at  a pond- walk down to the shore line and Tom with a big smile,  boasting and proudly says as he is  pointing out to the pond " There you have it your Moose ! " What Moose ??? as I'm looking around wondering what exactly did he drank for lunch-. Tom replies , well "Moose Pond" of course silly!!!

Apparently I had to be a bit more specific, such as big, hairy, alive creature we all know as a moose!.

Moose Pond


Paige     Wyatt    Dad
Pictures at Moose Pond

Kids are now back in car shouting - " whats the next item" . Well with fall here and the crisp smell of it in the air- I quickly say, lets find an edible apple on a tree.  I knew this would not be hard, but actually I was stalling time to think of much harder items to find. ( so I thought... again that thinking of mine!!! ). Off Tom goes with a huge sparkle in his eye, he knows he has this one pegged for sure...

A few winding turns and dips in the country roads he "screeches" the car up to an apple tree. Wyatt to be the lead man to jump out and grab one and bring back to the car... Funny  its me to have to taste it?? Edible , um yes but sour! Next time I pick an item to find, I better be sure of the end result !!!

OK time to "UP"  the game a little - here's the rest of the list we want. A Country Church, Wooden Bridge, Willow Tree and last but not least a Bear Paw . Kids and I are for sure the Bear Paw will be the end of the game and we will win...right???

Time to roll, windows all down , sun roof wide open- with every one's hair going everywhere, Paige apparently not amused with this part states - why cant we have the windows up daddy....Dad explains well, its 76 degrees out, the sun is shining and its convertible testing day to see if your convertible material? What the heck is that??? Still the child locks remain on - no one will disturb Tom's new hair blowing in the breeze he has patiently been growing out ! ( psst.. I was prepared when Tom said, where's your black hat to bring along- that hats a whole different story....)

With out fail, the car again, comes to a fast swerving stop ( I'm not sure I have gotten used to that yet) . A  country church you wanted , again boasts Tom - Here's your Church ! Watching the kids laugh and jump out to have their picture taken is fun- they are so into this game now.

( Wyatt and Paige)

Back in the car like a flash. Tom sets out again to find the next item ( Wooden Bridge)  At this point I'm thinking we might have him with the bridge and bear paw print. But he is not at all looking nervous here. I have also learned to be prepared for "anything" when it comes to him . What I perceive as black and white thoughts he seems to add the colors into and sees differently all together.

- about 10 minutes into it. I suppose he noticed a quiet calm in the drive, and gets my attention to the back seat to see two kid's just about asleep. But wide awake and refreshed they come, as they realize their spotted. Side note -By now the faint sounds of mutters of " I'm hungry, what' s for dinner are starting" Did I mention its only 3:30 !!! Who forgot the snacks?????

Wooden Bridge and Willow Tree conquered and Dad is feeling pretty good about himself. Kids are laughing and every ones having a fun time ( growling tummies and all)

The final item - Wyatt's request for a Bear Paw Print !! No way could this one be easy. Again we under estimated Tom's natural knack for getting the job done. Wyatt even throws in a 5 minute time limit. Dad isn't even fazed with that- off he rolls. You would have thought from the first item if you recall the Moose? Well with in 4 minutes we pull up to the BEAR !!!! Dad Wins!!!

Wyatt and his Adirondack Black Bear !

Till Next Time - Stop- Play and Have Fun, your only given one life, enjoy it !


Where to Stay : Lake Placid, NY 

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