Matcha De Mark - Culinary Grade " Matcha Green Tea Powder" + FREE Bonus 100 recipe eBook !!! #matchademark

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Matcha De Mark - Culinary Grade " Matcha Green Tea Powder" Review+ Bonus FREE 100 recipe eBook !!!

When given this opportunity to review Matcha De Markculinary grade  Matcha Green Tea Powder I was thrilled. I am a big fan of green tea and its all natural benefits. Green Tea really gives me a boost of energy and even, not spiked then fast let down. What I think I liked most about this brand ids it is culinary grade, so you can bake with it.  is you can bake with it!!  As many of you know I love my green tea's this Matcha De Mark brand has a penetrating smell and amazing flavor that really comes to life. This particular brand was very easy to use and dissolved nicely. 

I made a Hot Matcha Latte, a Cold Smoothing and even baked up some Matcha Green Tea Pumpkin Muffins ( my recipe below) and everything came out delicious. I like that the kids will eat it in a Smoothie and the cupcakes and not ask anything. We know how picky kids can be and its great to know they are getting something so healthy. 
I found the quality Matcha De Mark Matcha Green Tea Powder  to be really good . My Favorite tonight was the smoothie. Pretty simple recipe too.

I find that the energy I get is incredible and steady , unlike some other energy products I have tried.  This Matcha provided me with 4 to 6 hours of mild steady energy. Matcha increases the metabolism which will cause the body to burn calories and fat naturally. I do not get jitters like I do with coffee, so for me this is a nice benefit- as well as I can drink it at night to relax as well. 

I happened to make a nice thermos full and brought it to my sons cold rainy football game last weekend - yummy and toasty and a few of the moms also had a sample and really liked it as well. Was nice to introduce a product to someone for the first time. 

The supplier has also won numerous awards for taste in China.Matcha has many health benefits: Matcha can now be found in numerous health food products ranging from cereal to energy bars.  

If you have not tried it yet, I encourage you too. Trust me when I say that my picky teen-agers love it. I made them cold smoothies and told them they were shamrock shakes - now they ask for it all the time . My daughter "P" also loves to add a banana to her matcha green tea smoothie and take with her to school each morning. Great feeling knowing your giving your kids something so healthy to start the day with! 

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 The product includes a 100 recipe eBook broken into 2 sections. 50 weight loss or low calorie recipes and 50 rich decadent recipes with no concern for calorie counts. Customers also have the opportunity to join the Matcha Recipe club, it is FREE to join, members submit their best new Matcha recipe and one member each month will be awarded a free 5oz supply of Matcha De Mark Green Tea Powder. The recipe will then be shared with all members.

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