Pure Care Cleaning Products- Green Cleaning with Non-Toxic Product Line !

Disclosure: I got this product as part of an advertorial.

Pure Care Cleaning Product(s) Review.
Pure care is your source for premium eco-friendly, non-toxic cleaning products with a unique aromatherapy effect.

I am so thrilled to share with you Pure Care Cleaning Products and tell share my experience using them with you. Just so you know in anticipation of the products arriving in mail, I actually took a full week off from cleaning in the house. And if you have tweens and teens in your home, you know just how fast things can get dirty. I wasn't sure my OCD was going to take it - but I survived, and boy was I happy the day my Pure Care Cleaning Products arrived - I could have kissed the FedEx man ! And I am huge on my Spring and Fall Cleanings in the house- from top to bottom, inside and out 

About Pure Care Company and Products 
Our company was created expressly for the purpose of bringing safe household cleaners to the market. We believe that cleaning products didn’t need to be the harsh, chemical-laden ones , they can be gentle and all-natural while still being strong enough to get the job done. Our cleaning products contain no harsh chemicals and are completely non-toxic. Instead, we infuse them with essential oils and natural cleaners so you can feel good about cleaning your home and the surfaces your family touches.Pure Care’s all-natural product line includes an all-purpose cleaner, glass cleaner, bathroom cleaner, a dish soap and laundry detergents with a variety of fragrances. We use essential oils such as cedar, patchouli, citronella, lemongrass, eucalyptus, citronella, and clove among others to fill your home with some of nature’s most inviting scents. These essential oils have been known to relieve stress, boost energy levels, induce relaxation and enhance mental performance
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So Products were here, all in great shape, shipped great and very well packaged. It was dressed for the part, hair up and all tools ready ! Sunshine outside, windows open. Perfect day for cleaning .

First Stop the Kitchen - this is the room that is close to my heart , I just love my kitchen and it was disaster 101 from a week of not cleaning the stove, granite tops, sinks etc. And as a family, we spend alot of time together cooking and creating for our catering business.

Pure Care Aromatherapeutic Dish Soap

Pure Care Natural Non Toxic Aromatherapeutic Dish Soap   Yes I left a nasty dirty pan to test out the Pure Care Natural Non Toxic Aromatherapeutic Dish Soap. No I did not typo,, and it really is  Aromatherapeutic. Who would have thought that doing dishes could be so calming and relaxing !!! Pure Care’s all-natural, concentrated detergent delivers maximum cleaning power without leaving a harsh, toxic chemical residue on dishes and kitchen surfaces. , This product works like a dream - cleaned the pan with out effort , I was pleasantly surprised and i loved the scent- not to strong at all. Its a very thick detergent , so a little does go along way. 

Pure Care All- Purpose Cleaner

My Stove Top was next to give a testing to the Pure Care All- Purpose Cleaner. Yes it really was that dirty, remember I let it get nice and dirty for this review. I wanted to give it a good testing. The Pure Care All-Purpose Cleaner removes all kinds of soil and stains, leaving surfaces spotless. Strong enough to tackle the toughest cleaning projects, Pure Care’s all-purpose cleaner is designed to clean efficiently and dry quickly, saving you time and labor. Pretty simple, all I did was spray it on and leave it for about 2 minutes. Then with paper towels the mess, grease, grime and set in stuff wiped clean with no effort. Heck at this rate I am not even breaking a sweat ! I also used this on the microwave, and counter tops as well with great results ! 

I also decided to try the Pure Care All-Purpose Cleaner out on my floors. Worked great and left them shinny . I was impressed with spraying directly on and cleaning with a damp sponge mop, how well it did.  Eeekks was that really on my floor !!!!! 

Pure Care Glass Cleaner 

I decided to try out , was the Pure Care Glass Cleaner on my Granite Island Top,  in the kitchen. Lots of finger prints and see if I could get a nice shine after the job was done. Again, a great product Free from harmful volatile organic compounds (VOCs), Pure Care’s glass cleaner provides a safe alternative to traditional glass cleaners. Infused with essential oils, each spray of Pure Care Glass Cleaner fills the air with a soothing safe-to-breathe scent. Cleaned up great and did just what I would want from a glass cleaner, spotless, streak free shine !

Pure Care Bathroom Cleaner 

Now for the room I am really ashamed of. WOW when you see the before and after pictures below you are going to be surprised. Remember I let my Tween and Teen not pick up or do daily chores in there for this review. They were happy to not have to clean, me on the other hand I had to not walk in there . Pure Care Bathroom Cleaner will, turn your bathroom into your own personal spa retreat with the divine scent of refreshing eucalyptus entwined with the sensuous aromas of clove and cedar. I liked the change of smell instead of traditional pine or bleach cleaners.  Pure Care Bathroom Cleaner will leave your bathroom sparkling, clean, and fresh, creating a soothing environment where you can recharge and refresh. 
* Here are two before and after pictures of the teens bathroom/laundry room. This stuff worked like a charm with out scrubbing. I just sprayed and wiped for the sink and for the inside of the toilet. I poured a little directly int he bowl and let it sit while I was cleaning the sink. ( About 2-3 minutes)  Easy clean up and took the rust stains off easily .

There you have it folks my day of Cleaning with Pure Care Cleaning Products. If you would like to get this for your house - You can order yours now online. Products can be purchased separately or they have a great bundle package too .
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Disclosure: I received this product as part of an advertorial. I received free products from Pure Care in exchange for my honest opinion.