Madison Reed Hair Color Review

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Madison Reed Hair Color Review

Madison Reed Hair Color
Lets talk "Hair Color" - is it just a big thing with me or everyone? I hate spending upwards of $80-$100 every 4-6 weeks to color my hair. I'm guilty, yes for flushing money down the drain. Every store you go in there are options - its right in front of us down the personal hair care isles telling us " you can do this at home". How many times I have stood there asking - what product, will that color turn out- how long will this really last and what if? I guess perhaps I never colored my hair at home is because those boxes on the shelf did not talk to me- didn't answer my questions before hand.

Finally something I can have my questions answered before I do the job of home hair color, that's what I found at Madison Reed. A complete walk me thru online system to answer all those scary questions and match the perfect hair color to me - and the best part is, its shipped right to my door. I don't even have to leave the house if I do not want to. I was able to go online and input all my information and details and with in moments Madison Reed had selected the perfect color for m hair to get the results I wanted. It arrived at my door with in a week. Now I admit , This kit was full with everything I needed " Color Creme, Processor all pre-measured. The hardest part was putting the tube of coloring into the processor and twisting the top off. It also contained (2) Pair of quality gloves, a cap, shampoo and conditioner, and the protective cream to put around your hairline on face, ears and neck. Plus simple to follow directions.

I applied it and one thing I noticed was this stuff is thick, no dripping what so ever. Put on the cap and waited for 35 minutes. I had a mild tingling at first but that did not last long while it was processing  Then a simple shampoo and conditioner and , walla it was done and I had some brand new hair. I must tell you , I really did love the conditioner and how soft my hair felt after this process.

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Madison Reed Hair Color

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