Never get Stranded Again if you run out of Gas with Spare Fuel ! #sparefuel

Spare Fuel is a Long-Term Storable, Safe Emergency Fuel for Any Gas-Powered Vehicle, Generator, or Small Gas Engine, especially for those that run out of gas.

I was recently introduced to a fantastic product. And I so wish that I had it in my car a few months ago. You know that time you run out of gas? This for me certainly was a new experience as I always keep my car gassed up. But it happened to be a busy run the kids every where weekend and so much to do. My darling fiance did not go fill up my car - and to make matters worse, I never looked at the gas gage. Until I was headed into town and heard that frantic beeping and noticed I had (1) Mile left to empty. No Joke, and I was 4 miles from a gas station in any direction I went. 

Well there I was on the side of the road - out of gas- feeling like a complete fool. Sitting like a big dump duck waiting for someone to take pity on me and stop . Did I mention I was in a no cell phone service area too ! 

When I was asked to do a review of "Spare Fuel " I was delighted. Not only is it good for situations like mine above. But when your home alone mowing the hard or running a gas item such as a generator and your in the middle of the night needing something.

About  Spare Fuel ....

Spare Fuel,  is a patented emergency fuel for any gas powered engine, specially designed to be safe to store in your  vehicle’s trunk or storage bay, and also safe to store indoors with your long-term preparedness supplies. Spare Fuel is a Long-Term Storable, Safe Emergency Fuel for Any Gas-Powered Vehicle, Generator, or Small Gas Engine, especially for those that run out of gas

Here’s how you can use Spare Fuel in your preparedness planning:
  • Stored in your vehicle: Store multiple containers of Spare Fuel in every vehicle you own to protect yourself and every family member from unexpectedly running out of gas. One half-gallon container of Spare Fuel gives you the same miles per gallon as ordinary gasoline in your vehicle. For most vehicles, this means each container of Spare Fuel gives your vehicle an additional 5-15 miles range for each half-gallon container of Spare Fuel, depending on your vehicle’s rated mileage. To extend the range of your vehicle in any out-of-gas emergency, store and pour more containers of Spare Fuel into your vehicle’s gas tank to be ready for any gasoline supply disruption.
  • With your preparedness supplies: Because it’s non-combustible (even throwing a lighted match into an open container of Spare Fuel won’t ignite it), you can safely store multiple containers of Spare Fuel along with your other long-term preparedness and disaster recovery supplies. Stock up with extra containers of Spare Fuel so you’ll be ready to fuel your vehicle, generator, or other gas-powered machines in case of weather disruptions or other emergencies.
  • For generators, chain saws, tractors, and other small gas engines: Spare Fuel works in any gas-powered engine (it is not appropriate for diesel powered engines). Keep extra containers of Spare Fuel ready for use as long-term fuel backup for your gas-powered generator, for chain saws (adding oil as needed for two-stroke engines), motorcycles, farm and garden equipment, or any other gas-powered machine*.
  • Extend your gas supply: Spare Fuel can be readily mixed with any amount of regular gasoline, to extend the supply of gas you do have on hand.

I received one or more of the products mentioned above for free using Regardless, I only recommend products or services I use personally and believe will be good for my readers.