Shut Your "PIEHOLE" - Dealing with people who say " Your a What?? A Blogger?? #nanasdealsandmore

Hi my Blogger Friends , last time on my coaching , I posted about Making Space for yourself for blogging. This time I want to talk about the people who always doubt what you do. Oh I know its treading the fine line.... yes that's a real picture of me up there, and those " naggers" that doubt what I do as a blogger, make me feel just the same when I discover everyone in the house ate my favorite candy from the Halloween selection- really that one was mine !!!! 

How many of you have done that cringe,  when you heard that nagging question or look you get when you tell someone or they find out you're a blogger?  You know the one, the one you get from others and that horrible look of doubt on their face looking at you as you have a huge new pimple but they can not say it!  

There are days when people make me feel like I just crawled out of a creepy Halloween movie screen and landed on their table with slime all over them.... yeah now you know. The mother in law who thinks that you should be pounding the 9-5 job and juggling the kids from daycare to home.

I am pretty much hear to tell you, its going to continue and you are going to need to  find , a balance point. That point of your self confidence to really look someone in the eye and say " Yes I am a real blogger working from home and making money at what I love to do, and ending in there. There really is no reason that you have to sit there and pitch your points with these type of doubters. I know I make money, I pay bills, I buy groceries and more. I go on real vacations and trips just like the 9-5'er. But I get to do it from home.

 That's what I call them the "doubters". I can pretty much spot them in a crowd. The ones who can't seem to say, good job , proud of you for reaching for that dream of being a self made business woman. Or maybe just ask you " what does a blogger do"? Because they really do not know. I work, and I work hard and I have worked really hard and many late nights . My hours might be crazy - but its my choice ( just like now its 2:05 am) and here I am writing a coaching / teaching post. 

One thing that comes to mind is my amazing man in my life,  has this habit of saying to me  shut your "pie hole"- in a very sweet kind of way with a big grin. I know he is not being mean - he is just trying to tell me he is busy or I'm rambling too much. Or he has something he thinks is more important to talk about . 

 But over time I have learned it means just that " silence your mind "Tia Maria". I know it sounds just mean, but really- honestly its not, he is not doing it to be mean. It makes me realize that I am just talking to talk some days. ( I guess that's the habit of a blogger-or being italian!!!) 

He really does  want to hear about my new review item, or new sponsor,  or off the wall idea , just  "NOT" during Super Bowl (lol). Commercials are much better time , I have learned to discuss the next article or review item. 

Reality is this, if you are going to make that dream happen of being a full time blogger. You are going to have to find the courage to be able to tell those non believers to shut their pie hole, in a nice way of course *wink*. Dreams only happen if you work to make them come true- do not give up. If something does not work out, try another road. Make your blog your own, it truly is about you. Express yourself, be real - that's what people want to see.  

Tia Maria