ABC Creations - Unique Holiday Gifts for Kids #HolidayGiftGuide100Bloggers

Creativity and childhood go hand-in-hand like peanut butter and jelly. As children grow, they develop an innate need to stand out as individuals in every aspect of their lives. AB Creations recognizes this passion, and has developed a series of products designed to be unique to your child. Here are a couple of the items this company does exceptionally well:

Name Art
Having one’s name displayed across an exciting work of art is sure to delight any child. AB Creations has set out to create a unique product, tying in animals and objects that start with the same first letter of your child’s name.
For instance, Zachary includes a zucchini and a zeppelin. With the ability to set your own color scheme, these unique gifts are guaranteed to fit in any room, and work with any child.

Growth Charts
A growth chart follows important milestones in a child’s life, ranging from their firsts steps until they become too old to bother standing still for a brief moment. These charts come in a wide variety of colors, and can be differentiated with boy and girl designs. As a part of the process, you are able to have the child’s name printed across the top and if you like adhere up to 3 photos as you wish.

A unique gift does not need to take forever, or come out of a bag of raw material bought at an arts and craft store. All you need is to know your child well enough to know his favorite color, and then you will be set. AB Creations has created the perfect place to find a unique gift for your child.
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