LED Keeper Review - The only tool in the marketplace able to diagnose and repair LED light sets!

Disclosure: I received a free LED Keeper through my relationship with Bpi in hopes for a review on this blog. However, all opinions are my own. 

Holiday decorating can be fun and frustrating at the same time. One of the most irritating things I find about Holiday Decorating is after I test my lights and get them all set up , and then magically one of them isn't working , even after I had tested them first. 

Recently I was sent this LED Keeper to test out. Apparently, it is the only tool in the marketplace able to diagnose and repair LED light sets.

A few years ago , I decided that this year would be year for a big tree. I set out to get the tree all set up, tested the lights. Got them on the tree . Did not think twice to retest before putting on the ornaments and other pretties. After about four long hours of work. I was so excited that evening to plug it in and show off my tree to my wine party guests. to the big reveal , this turned into a big flop, like the "Grinch" or some evil elf  that had it in for me. Some how came in while I was baking cookies and stole my lights ! Needless to say, I spent the entire next day disassembling the tree , purchasing more lights and re-decorating.

My Test...
I gave this a good test and even broke a light on a string to test this out. I found this to be a very  easy to use, the instructions were very clear and in a matter of minutes my light issue was resolved and our house was back to the holiday twinkles I love so much. 

Did you know that is is NOT Eco-friendly or “green” to toss lights, and honestly its not to friendly in my wallet to keep purchasing new ones when just one light goes out. This LED Keeper is a dream saver and so super easy to use ( even for a girl like me)

I wish I would have had this product years ago- but now I do and will never be with out again.  LED Keeper, that fixes LED light strings and the wonderfuLightKeeper Pro fixes incandescent . You can learn more about the light set repair tools at UltaLit.com.