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Do you or someone you know suffer from thinning hair? As I have reached the point past the age of 45, my locks are just not the same. I am having issues with thinning in my widows peak area. Not a flattering spot - So I find myself styling my bang area a little difrerent. But it is enough to really bother me. So when given the chance to try out a product that uses 

I was recently sent a 2 oz bottle of Ageless Derma Natural Thinning Hair Solution. It comes in a dropper bottle . You apply aprox 15 drops to the affected area 2x per day and are to see good results with in 60 days.You are to see fuller, thicker hair that has added strength to it.  This product is appropriate for either men or women.  It is non-toxic, safe and easy to apply.  It is also all natural and completely free of drugs.

The smell to me does have a bit of an alcohol smell but fades pretty fast. It is a thicker but not too thick clear solution that absorbs pretty fast into the scalp,k with no tingling or any burning sensation, I also did not get any greasy left over feeling. 

More About "Ageless Derma Natural Thinning Hair Solution"

This natural solution utilizes specially blended alpha hydroxy acids (AHA) in order to thoroughly cleanse the scalp and the area surrounding hair follicles.  The AHA are made from honey. They work to deeply cleanse the scalp and rid it of grime buildup and bacteria that result from dead skin cells that lay on the surface, excess natural oils, and hair product residue.

 AHA work by gently exfoliating skin and removing dead skin cells to reveal new, healthier skin. This action unclogs hair follicles and consequently allows new hair to grow.

The cleansing of the scalp’s pores, AHA allows the Natural Thinning Hair Solution to be quickly and completely absorbed in order to stimulate and nourish the hair follicles that have become unhealthy and nutrient deficient.

In addition to gentle yet extremely effective AHA, Natural Thinning Hair Solution also contains Cayenne Pepper Extract to enliven and nourish dormant hair follicles. This prepares the follicles to grow and flourish due to the body’s natural regrowth cycle. 

Here, then, becomes the optimum environment for new hair to emerge from a revitalized scalp.  Renowned herbal doctors consider Cayenne Pepper Extract to be one of the most essential herbs for hair growth and prevention of hair loss.

 Cayenne is an extremely effective stimulant of blood circulation.  It increases blood flow instantly and acts as a catalyst that carries the beneficial effects of the other herbs and substances within the blood to the area needing help.

Aqua, SDA-40, hydroxypropyl methylcellulose, panthenol, Matricaria recutita (chamomile) extract, salvia officinalis (sage) extract, capsicum extract, polysorbate 80, glycolic acid, malic acid, methyl nicotinate, fragrance.

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