DIY - Festive Red and Green Deviled Eggs !

I just love my red and green festive deviled eggs. They are super easy to make  and the hit of every party we go to ! 2 Dozen eggs and a few ingredients you have on hand and walla- a great party platter dish under $4 

  1. Boil Eggs
  2. Cool and Peel
  3. Cut in 1/2 remove yoke and reserve
  4. When you have all the white done - rinse them to remove any yoke from them

Get 2 Bowls

  1. Add Cold Water to each 
  2. Table Spoon of White Vinegar
  3. Food Coloring ( Red) In one Bowl and in the other ( Green)
  4. Add your whites to each
  5. Make sure they are covered if not add a tad more water to cover.
  6. let soak for about 30 Minutes
  7. Drain and dry on paper towels
  8. Fill with your Deviled Food Mixture you make from the Yokes

Be the hit of the party ! 

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