Finally an Energy Drink- No Aftertaste and last 6-8 HOURS - Try NR-GIZE Today ! #NRGIZE

My middle name lately should be " slug " I am not sure if its because of the holidays and being so busy. But I have been so sluggish and dragging with no energy lately. 

I even tried to up my coffee intake. I do not take alot of energy drinks because ,I do not like that crash and burn feeling. So when offered the chance to try out NR for testing purposes and a review,  I was pretty excited. 

I read up on it first to make sure its something I wanted and it sounded pretty good. As you can see below the reasons of why ... my biggest was it claims - no crash and burn, and contains no artificial stimulants, sweeteners or colorings, and no nasty aftertaste ( my big pet peeve- who wants to take something then get left with that horrible shaking after taste) 

OK so testing time here - simply mix with about 4 ounces of cold water. That's Pretty simple for me. It mixed in very well and fast- was  the color of orange juice,  after mixing and to my suprise - NO nasty aftertaste !!! Its very palatable. I would describe the taste as " a little citrus burst ". At first when I opened it, it had a bit of a vitamin smell to it but not strong. It comes with a pre-measured scoop to use.  

Instructions recommend taking on an empty stomach- so this would be for me in the morning or just before lunch. I took it the first time in the morning and noticed I had a nice even boost of energy for the day. I like that I can also premix it to take with me if I am going to be gone and have a long day. 

About Beyond Bioscience
Body Bioscience, has been creating and manufacturing nutritional and bio-ceutical products for over 25 years and have created well over 300 products. NR-GIZE is USA MADE with 100% Money Back Guarantee!

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