Join me in the SPLENDA® 365 SWEET SWAPS™ this Holiday Season ! #sweetswaps #ad

Disclosure: This post is part of the SPLENDA® 365 SWEET SWAPS ™ Blogger Program by McNeil Nutritionals, LLC. And The Motherhood, who sent me products and compensated me for my time. Opinions, experiences, and photos shared here are my own, and I hope you enjoy them.

Its the Holiday Time again and we all know what that means - Goodies, Sweets and Lots more food that tends to pack on a few extra pounds! I was honored when asked to be a participating SPLENDA® 365 SWEET SWAPS ™ Blogger. With mixing bowl in one hand and wooden spoon in the other I jumped right in ...

First, a little about what the  SPLENDA® 365 SWEET SWAPS  is...  

This year I am doing the  SPLENDA® 365 SWEET SWAPS™ This is making small, easy lifestyle changes that can lead to big results over time. It’s the perfect way to celebrate the holiday season! 

What I am going to do is "Swap" all my full sugar products in baking this year with  SPLENDA® 365 SWEET SWAPS™ Products - now that's pretty easy to considering SPLENDA® has a huge line of products to make that easy for me. Its just as easy to purchase SPLENDA® products vs real sugar products.  Be sure to check out all the Splenda recipes , for many to select from from beverages, baking and more ! 
My First Sweet Swaps challenge, was recreate the all time family chocolate chip cookie recipe. I decided to make some fresh chocolate chip cookies. They turned out great and no one knew the difference ! 

To do this, I simply swapped out the full sugar in the recipe for 
Splenda Sugar Blend  and  Splenda Brown Sugar Blend

 I am also sharing my recipe with you, in hopes you too will give it a try and join me in and submit your Sweet Swaps Recipe on Tumblr at SPLENDA® 365 SWEET SWAPS™

Did You Know?
The average American consumes more than 22 teaspoons of added sugar a day. That’s more than TRIPLE the recommended amount for women and more than DOUBLE the recommended amount for men!

Most of us vastly underestimate the amount of sugar we eat because the sweet stuff is hiding in some of our favorite foods and beverages, like vanilla lattes, fruit flavored yogurt, salad dressing and cereal. Knowing this, it’s easy to understand why we exceed the recommended daily amount. 

Replacing full sugar with Splenda Sweetener Products and making other healthy lifestyle changes for long-term benefits. 

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Thank you for sharing my Sweet Swaps day and I hope that you join in today too and do one small thing to make your life a bit healthier for yourself and family. 
Visit SPLENDA® 365 SWEET SWAPS™  and join the fun !

Disclosure: This post is part of the SPLENDA® 365 SWEET SWAPS ™ Blogger Program by McNeil Nutritionals, LLC. And The Motherhood, who sent me products and compensated me for my time. Opinions, experiences, and photos shared here are my own, and I hope you enjoy them.