Kid's Maple Tree Tapping Kit. Fun & Educational- Will create memories to come! #ad #mapletapper

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Having been born and raised in the upstate Adirondack Mountains, as kid one of the things we always had the fun of doing is tapping maple trees to make our own home made maple syrup. Once you have done that or tasted " real pure" maple syrup. Its really hard to settle for the store bought imitation. 

I was sent thisKids Maple Tree Tapping Kit
t to try out with the kids and plan to just as soon as weather permits and it is seasonal to. I will be updating this post again to ad to it as well. But go head and grab this kit now so you are ready to have a real experience with your kids like never before/

This Kit is very detailed and, includes five pre-assembled spiles and food-grade tubing; full-color children's book with adult how-to section; take-along instruction sheet; and cone filter.

Directions to use.
  • Step 1: Assemble your tools: a drill with a standard 5/16” drill bit, a small hammer, and collection containers such as gallon jugs with lids.
  • Step 2: Find a maple tree and check the weather: sap starts running when the nighttime temperatures are below freezing and the daytime temperatures climb into the 40°F range, usually during March and April.
  • Step 3: Drill a hole into the tree and gently hammer in your tap until it’s snug.
  • Step 4: Thread the tubing into your container and place it on the ground or tie it to the tree.
  • Step 5: Come back each day and collect your sap. Go ahead and taste it! It’s just a little bit sweet straight out of the tree.
  • Step 6: Boil your sap into syrup – our book walks you through it.
  • Step 7: Have a yummy pancake breakfast!

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