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Ready Steady Shoot: Guide to Smartphone Video Review

As a blogger who relies on taking good quality pictures and videos with my smart phone. I was pretty excited to have the opportunity to read and review this book " Ready, Steady, Shoot: A Pro's Guide to Smartphone Video is an upbeat, easy-to-follow eBook with embedded learning videos that will help you make movies people actually want to watch! Make better videos of hanging out with friends, vacations, kids' activities, sports, family events. The secret is technique not technology.

What I loved most about this ebook is it shows you how to do it right, how what to make your shots flow so when you play it back it fits, and less editing in the end. And that will save alot of time on my end. 

If you are as fascinated with taking videos and want to learn from the professionals, then you wont e able to put this book down. It leaves you wanting to learn more and more. I highly recommend it. It is very well written that takes you step by step to learning how to take a good photo. I learned so much. I thought I new alot but boy was I wrong.

This book teaches you using the The Ten Shot Video®, short exercises "to get your film head on." They are really easy, fun and full of teaching that will have you shooting videos on your smart phone in no time at all. There are  embedded videos to watch.

Table of Contents

  1. Introduction: Try This at Home
  2. Ready! Get Your Film Head On: It's All About Seeing
  3. Ready! Get Your Film Head On
  4. Steady! A Little Technique Goes a Long Way
  5. Shoot! Every Shot Tells the Story
  6. The 10-Shot Video: Short Exercises to Master Technique
  7. Sh-Sh-Short Films
  8. Advanced Techniques
  9. The Art of the Interview
  10. Shooting Sports
  11. Go Hollywood: Make Your Own Feature, Action, and Horror Films
  12. Editing

About The Author
Roger Sherman is an award winning documentary filmmaker, a founder of Florentine Films with an Emmy, a Peabody and two Academy Award nominations among his many prizes.
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