Sir Lancelot SD3821 Digital Meat Thermometer Review

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Have you ever cooked something only to find after you served it to your family and guests, it was either under cooked or over cooked? If so that's a big indication that you are not using a meat thermometer. I have found with the Sir Lancelot SD3821 Digital Meat Thermometer  I get an accurate reading every time, and tested it out on several dishes from meats, eggs and casseroles and was accurate each time. I like the large read out and auto shut off this has. 

So Why do you need a Meat Thermometer?

A meat thermometer takes all the guess work out of ensuring that your foods are cooked,  to the desired proper temp. This really should be something every home cook uses, especially when you prepare meats, steaks, roasts, any  poultry or pork. It measures the internal temp to ensure that your foods are properly cooked and have reached that safe temp to destroy off any harmful bacteria that can make you sick with forborne illness.