Garcinia Cambogia 80% HCA - Weight Loss Supplement - 3 Week Update - Down 12 Lbs!!!!! #ad #GCHCA

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Recap - Week #3

2/26/15 - Week #3 Update - Again had a good week with out all the cravings as normal. Scale says I have lost 1 lb this week - but every ounce is a blessing. I am thrilled with the energy I have and sleeping better at night . 

Lets face it I have tired my share of products to help suppress my appetite to loose weight over the many years . I recevied a sample of  Garcinia Cambogia 80% HCA - Weight Loss Supplement  for this review, and hoped I would not get that jittery feeling , and did not !! So that is a plus for me. I can honestly say that it did help to suppress my appetite..

Now I can use that with all the added stress I have been under as well. I did have a nice calm feeling . I know there is no real magic out there other than watching what I eat, and exercise- but when I am under stress I tend to do the nibble eating and not realize just how much I took in for the day. I like that I do not feel overly hungry while taking these. And did not do the nibble all day. I will update this blog post in a week with results !

(2/11/15) 1 Week Update - I am happy to report back that after just one week of taking this product. I have lost 9 lbs and feel so full of energy. I have no in between snack cravings or wanting any high sugar products ! 

(2/18/15) 2 Week Update - So far so good, no side effects and I have lost a total of 11 lbs taking this product. It really has helped curb my hunger. I have so much energy and love it. And not the kind of jittery energy. I feel like I can focus, my work outs seem longer. I have not really changed my eating habits but I am eating less that is for sure as well as I do not have that sweet cravings through the day or wanting to snack ! 

2/26/15 - Week #3 Update - Again had a good week with out all the cravings as normal. Scale says I have lost 1 lb this week - but every ounce is a blessing. I am thrilled with the energy I have and sleeping better at night . 

Benefits and Description of Product ( from company)

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