SelectSpecs RX Eye Glass Review

Disclosure: Nanas Deals and more received a pair of complimentary RX Glasses to complete this review. However all opinions are our own.

Save time and money and purchase your RX Eye Glasses online from . The ordering process was very simple, straight forward and fast. It could not have been any simpler. Also thier prices are rock bottom. Where else can you get a full set of RX Single Vision glasses for under $35? No where ! This even beats the insurance co-pay on my vision plan.  

My Glasses arrived via mail in about 2-3 weeks. They came with a case and carry bag. I have to say that they were perfect and a perfect fit. I will continue to order from them. So the next time you get a new RX for eye glasses - ask for  a copy and order from , you will save a tom of money ! 

Easy 4 Steps and did not even have to leave my house  or pay high prices at an office. 

1. Select My Frames
2. Select Lenses
3. Enter in RX Information
4. Check Out.

Looking for a certain designer  brand? Well they brands from A-Z to select from. Check them all out here today !