Superfood - by Natural Chemistree Royal Jelly #ad

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Superfood - Royal Jelly Freeze Dried Capsules

I received a supply of Royal Jelly from  Natural  for review purposes. My first thought was - What is Royal Jelly? And what can it help me with. I like that it is Gluten Free . I did try it and found that my fatigue was a bit less than it had been lately  under some stress that I having. I did not have any burping or belching like other vitamins have done to me in the past. I also like that they are small and soft gels that is easy to swallow.  I think that you would have to take it for a while to get the full effect of it. 

Product Description by Natural
Royal Jelly is a highly nutritious thick, milky white, naturally occurring product. It is made by bee workers especially for the queen bee. It is the Royal Jelly that turns a normal be into a queen bee. So if Royal Jelly is a thick product how is it produced as a capsule? Let us explain, by freeze drying the milky white elixir as soon as practically possible, at our state of the art GMP certified facility the nutrients can be manufactured as a capsule.

1000mg Freeze Dried Capsules. Royal Jelly is an original superfood. As Royal Jelly is a superfood, it has a wide variety of health benefits due to the vitamins, amino acids, essential fatty acids it contains

•B Complex Vitamins including pantholic acid (Vitamin B5) - increases energy, vitality, improves nerve functioning, helps control stress, reduces fatigue. Helps promote healthy hair, skin and nails 

• Amino Acid rich - a total of 22 amino acids, the basic building blocks of proteins can be found in Royal Jelly, including many of the essential amino acids. These amino acids help contribute to growth and cell function 

• Minerals - A wide variety of minerals are present in Royal Jelly such as potassium, sodium, zinc, iron, magnesium, nickel. These minerals and trace elements contribute to wide variety of functions including cell metabolism, immunity, red blood cell creation 

• HDA (10-hydroxy-2-decenoic) - HDA is an unsaturated fatty acid. It is thought the antibacterial and antiviral properties of Royal Jelly are due to HDA. Natural Chemistree Royal Jelly contains 14mg of HDA