Tired of Bottom Sheets Not staying On? Here is Your Solution Epica Bedding Anchors !!!!

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Have a favorite set of sheets for your bed that you just can not part with? I have several but the bottom sheets have lost their ump and do not stay on and in place as well anymore. By Morning it seems the sheets have gone on a wild dance. I found the solution with Epica Bedding Anchors. Perfect answer that keeps your sheets in place !

Product Details....
What a great idea: bedding clips that you can adjust to fit any size or shape of textile, anchoring it securely right where you want it. Beyond the bed, you'll find dozens of uses for them, from the dining room to the back yard to the car, boat or RV.
Adjustable Elastic Cord

Most sheet suspenders are elasticized, but if your sheets are too big or too small they're still likely to slip out of place. The Epica design goes an extra mile with a cord lock button for adjustable tension. To tighten or loosen, slide the button up or down the cord while pressing the center panel. When you've reached the desired tension, just let go and it locks in place. This feature also lets you use the Epica anchors for tablecloths (indoors or out), curtains, furniture covers and throws, vehicle covers and much more.
Nickel-Plated Clamps with Fabric Protector Coating

Super-strong clips hold sheets, blankets and mattress pads firmly in place with no bunching or popping off, even if you toss and turn all night or have trouble getting in and out of bed. They're metal so they won't break like plastic, and nickel-plated so they won't rust. They work with a wide range of textiles, from thick canvas and towels to fine table linens; yet the fabric protector coating keeps them from damaging even delicate fabrics.
Easy to Install

No need to lift a heavy mattress. Thanks to the Epica's extra cord length, you can clip it to each side of the sheet, then tighten the cord lock, and finally tuck it out of sight. Voila: a perfectly made bed that stays that way.