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Affiliates and Who and What to Use.
The first thing I am going to say here is - DO NOT spread yourself so thin that you have so many affiliates you cant keep up. I prefer to keep mine in 2-3 only. I like to see results and I like to see my monthly checks and/or paypal deposits coming in.

SharaSale is  an affiliate many of the merchants offer you sign up referral bonuses.  I have a list of the ones i use below that offer refferal bonus's as well as will send out bonus posts that you can make $5- $50 on. The links are my affiliate links below.

Getting Started is easy - Sign up with the First Merchant Below - just so you know up front, Yes these are my affiliate links and I will make money when you do . So its up to you, or you can search the web for it and go that route. Totally up to you. If you are not a shareasale affiliate - no worries - once you click it it will let you sign up for it. Then work your way down the list. After you have finished. 

Log in and grab your unique affiliate link and share with all your blogger friends and web site owners. Do it each day- all you need is (1) Person per link or (4) per one- Just get 4 sign ups and you made $40 that day - do $10 and you made $100 that day !  They also have banners you can place on your blogs side bar for customers to order from = $$ to you also.

Making Money as a Blogger - Let me Show you How - join me . I am going to start this week with the basics. Each week I will ad in more information, perhaps if I have time I will do it a few times a week.  I might even miss a week, depending on how busy I am. But I would love your input and to follow along. Share it with your blogger friends. Together lets help each other out. Bloggers feel free to join our Facebook Group at:

I've been asked by many bloggers. How do you do it? Can you really make enough money at Blogging to suplement a part time or full time 9-5 job.

The Answer is YES...Making Money with Blogging- it is very possible and I am living proof of it ,along with thousands of other bloggers !

I started out just like every other blogger - with an Idea to start blogging. Mine started out as a hobby. I started out with one blog, one fan - that's how we start out. I learned very fast how competative this business is. Bloggers who have been at it for years - you either find ones who want to help or you better take cover ( more of that later). I could write a book on it along with a very dear blogger friend. The stories we could tell..... 

I was working a full time 40+ hour a job a week - and I was blogging for a hobby. And one day my dear friend and I discovered something - " Where did we miss the boat about making money with our blogs? How and why did no one share this with us ( ie. big bloggers).? I would say we just tripped over it and there we sat - feeling like the blogging fools. Ever ask another blogger for a question, tip or trick on a group page only to be ignored like you do not exsist? uh huh been there done that too ! 

 Now after only a few years I am a stay at home full time Blogger. It can be done , if you have the drive for it. It can be tough, frustrating and down right to the point you want to toss in the towel. We have all been there , but you can start to reep the rewards for it , if you work at it. 

Step  # 1 - Create your own Personal Space in the house to work from. I do not have an office at this time, so I have to find my space.  Getting organized, a good agenda calendar is important. You are going to want to take notes. I used to put it all on a spread sheet on the computer - until that fatal computer crash and I lost everything years ago. I do back up both way snow.

 How do you stay on task, focused and make money blogging from home. The answer is pretty simple. You have to start from the bottom and work your way up. Staying organized and created the place for you to blog and work at. If you think about it, if your working in an area that is total caos and the enviorment is

Like in my picture above, this is where I am working at from home, right in the kitchen/dining room. Why? Its probably my most favorite room in the house to start with. If a recipe idea hits me, I am right where I want to be. I love to be organized, its really one of the best tips I can share with any blogger. If you are organized then you get alot more done. Each night I plan out my blogging day, what reviews I need to complete, what I think my readers will like in articles, emails I need to reply to and check them off. I do not always finish everything but thats OK - they just go on the next days to-do list. And do not make your to-do list so big that you cant really acomplish it. I schedule my blogging time around my faimly day. Kids, Sports etc. If i tell a business I will have a job completed by such and such date - then I make sure it is done.

I love social media and groups just like the next blogger. Connecting with blogger friends and discussing tips and tricks, or lending support, etc. But if I am on social media in groups doing that all day. How much blogging am I getting done? Not much - and trust me it happens to all of us us.

STEP #2 - Getting your Ducks in a Row 
So you have created your blog, decided what your nitch ( Topic) is ,  and created those social media sites ( FB, Twitter, etc ) to go with it and have some fans and followers. Great - now you need to give them content, make them want to read your blog. 

And varitey is huge key-Its pretty easy to do - but you have to have the right connections. And what I found about this business - not every blogger,  wants to share everything. So lets stat with your side bar of your blog today.  

You have Side Bars on your Blog - you can fill them with cute photos of your pets and so forth. But other than being some eye candy there - what do you get from them? Save them for your interesting blog post about the new Pet Food Campaign a Sponsor is going to PAY you for doing !!! Or perhaps an ad that pays you everytime someone clicks on it and/or makes a sale. Even when someone prints a coupon from your site. Trust me it all ads up to $$ in your wallet.

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Disclosure: This post contains affiliate links.

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