Fittsmile Flexible iPhone Tripod - New Stylish Smartphone Stand #ad

Finally the perfect answer to my prayers. I do allot of video's with my cell phone for my blog and personal use. What I find the most difficult is one hand holding the phone to record, leaving me one handed. I am so thrilled with this Fittsmile Flexible iPhone Tripod - I was sent for review purposes. New Stylish Smart phone Stand. 

I absolutely love the size of it, its perfect for placing on a table top to record videos. It has three soft flexible legs so I can adjust it where I want. I have an iPhone and it fits in it nice and snug.The legs of the tripod are flexible to use on any flat surface or wrapped around different objects; they have soft foam coating and rubber tips,  it does not slide around, and you can bend them around to get the right angle your looking for.

Also I can attach it to our large tripod and it securely holds my cell phone to record videos.

Its the perfect size that I can toss it in my purse or back back and take it with me any where we go. I am heading out on vacation in a week and plan to take it with me.

Because the legs are bendable around things, this is going to be perfect for the car for the kids to watch videos from my phone with. Just attach it to the back of the head rest and the phone is secure vs little hands holding it !

Fittsmile Smartphone Tripod comes with 
100% Free Replacement Guarantee

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