Hands Free Dog Jogging Running Hiking Walking Belt # Review #ad #barkoutfitters

How many times have you wanted to walk your dog hands free? Or go for a hike or jog and have the process much easier, exceptionally if you  have two dogs ? Well  Bark Outfitters now has the perfect solution  with their Hands Free Dog Jogging Running Hiking Walking Belt.

Upon opening out of the package I was totally impressed with the thickness and durability of this leash. As a former horse owner that is what first came to my mind ( this was as thick and strong as a horse lead!) and its for dogs!! 

It has a Neoprene Padded Belt that fits Fits Hips Sizes 32" to 45".  The belt part is adjustable, its a bit hard at first but after you work with it it gets easier. It has a nice lock closure that is easy to open and close with the push of each side. 

The leash part is almost like a bungee so it has a lot of pull  and give to it and down by the clasp to the collar it has a handle so if you need a quick gain control of your dog close to the collar you can use that. 

The Clasp to Collar is very durable and large. Unlike other products this one feels very sturdy and has a tight closure .

Over all I would recommend this product to those for the need. I say the quality is above average over all. 

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