DIY - Home Made Real "BUTTER" - Just 2 Ingredients ! #DIY #Butter #recipes

There is nothing more that humbles you like pairing home made fresh from the even warm rolls or bread and slathering creamy home made real butter on it! 

I promise, it can take any persons bad day and turn it good at the dinner table- everyone will be smiling ! 

This is something I have been wanting to try for a while, and decided it was time. So with a little researching I came up with this easy few step recipe that any one at home can do with 2 ingredients  ( heavy cream and salt) and about 15 minutes of your time. And really your mixer is doing the work for you - so you can text, chat or just relax - but keeping a keen eye on it.  Like I said your mixer is your friend and will do it all for you !  

So how did I manage to make home made butter in less than 14 minutes? Lets get started so gather up the supplies you will need.


  • 2 pints of " Heavy Whipping Cream"
  • Salt


  • Mixer 
  • Bowl and  Fine Mesh Strainer ( if you do not have a fine mesh strainer - just place a peice of cheese cloth in your strainer or a very light weight cloth napkin, etc something liquid can get through easy)

Step 1: 
First place your bowl with a strainer over it into your kitchen sink. You will want a fine mesh strainer ( not one with big holes ) if you do not have one a piece of cheese cloth in the strainer or even a very light kitchen towel ( clean ) will work if your strainer has big holes. 

Step 2: 
To your Mixing Bowl ad in (2) Pints of Heavy Cream
Now the hard part- Turn it on High and let it whip that cream to high stiff peaks ( about 10-12) minutes. I use setting #6 on my kitchen aide

Step 3:
When you have the high stiff peaks - what we call whip-cream.  This is the magical moment.Turn your Mixer speed down to medium, and let it go . This is where you need to be watching it ( your relax time is over) . You will see a magical thing happen, your stiff dreamy cloud of whip-cream will change all together and flatten down to look like a pale cottage cheese change- this  will separate . Keep watching as now all of a sudden you will see a big ball of yellow butter- It happens pretty fast and when it does you will know it as the splatter will happen and you will see this gorgeous ball of creamy yellow butter -When this process happens TURN OFF the mixer ( or you will get splattered)  

Step 4:  
Pour your mixture over your  strainer/bowl you set up in kitchen sink. You will want to kneed this gently to just remove excess liquid,  add in a few pinches of salt to it. Or if you prefer unsalted butter- omit the salt. 

Step: 5 
Now Transfer your butter to an airtight container and Walla - you made butter ! I hope you have those warm rolls ready ! If you would like the recipe to my Huge Yeast Buns  or DIY English Muffins , check those out here !  send me an email its a secret ! 

Tip: If you used a fine mesh strainer - be sure to turn it over and grab the butter clinging to the back of it ! 

Tip: The Liquid left over in the bowl from straining... that's " Buttermilk"  - don't toss it, make yourself a yummy buttermilk cake with it or use in pancake mix or baking. I tossed mine in the freezer in a zip lock bag, labeled and I have it for something. I hate to waste things like this . Sometimes a recipe calls for buttermilk, and it is not a staple I keep on hand all the time- so comes in handy. 

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