Week #2 - Nutrisystem Update - WOW Its Working Down 13 Lbs ! #Sponsored #NSNation

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As you all know that I began my  journey on Monday, April 6th ,as  a #NSNation Nutrisytem Blogger!  Well this is my Week #2 blog report in, 

The toughest part was stepping on the scale "OUCH" !! I am one that hates to do that. I judge by how my clothes feel and how I feel. And personally I have been feeling a bit tight in my clothes, bloated and no energy. I was blaming it on the winter cabin fever. ( Nice try but no go ) now its time to kick it into gear.

My First week is doing the Nutrisystem FAST5 - everything is outlined for you perfectly. This is what they call Nutrisystem Boot Camp- for 7 days.  Each food item is marked ( Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner ) + 2 Shakes a day.  Absoulty no way to mess this up. 

The first is mid morning called the Nutrisystem Zinger Shake. Simply mix with 8 ounces of water, shake in the shaker bottle provided and enjoy. The Second is the Crave Curb Shake in mid afternoon to curb cravings and suppress your appetite- again  mix with 8 ounces of water, shake in the shaker bottle provided and enjoy.  My Tip is - Use Cold Water and Ice Cubes. The taste of each shake to me was pleasant with no gritty feeling or aftertaste- very surprised! 

One thing I have noticed is my coffee craving is way down. I normally drink 4-5 cups and this week its been about 1/2 cup to 1 cup a day. Perhaps because I can not have my flavored coffee creamers and sugars? Not sure but works for me. 

  • Breakfast
  • Energi-Zing Shake
  • Lunch
  • Craving Curb Shake
  • Dinner
Plus as in daily 
  • 4 Servings of non-startchy veggies ( I did 2 at lunch and 2 at dinner) 
  • 64 ounces of Water- Just Drink it all day! 

So the Only thing I had to purchase were my vegies. I spent about $30 on these for the week - not too bad!  Here is an example of what I ate daily - Yes I got creative with the pizza!

Over all it was all pretty darn good - I learned ALOT about portion control this week and just how bad I have been and why I struggled on other diets so much. Nutrisystem took all the guess work and thinking out of it - simple and easy to use.  I was provided a personal one on one counceler by email and phone. Kinda like my personal life line, I did send her a few questions but over all the FAST 5 Part for this week was pretty straight forward to follow. 

Total weight lost:13 pounds
Not to bad for 2nd week!! 

See you next week - for my update ! 

If you'd like to join me in using Nutrisystem to lose weight and start a healthier way of eating, follow this link: Join Nutrisystem or call 1-888-853-4689. 

Disclosure: I am being provided the Nutrisystem Women's SUCCESS Select as a part of the Nutrisystem Nation Blogger Program, in exchange for writing about my experience with the program. All opinions are mine and have not been influenced in any way.

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