Week # 5 - Nutrisystem Weight Loss Update !!!! #NSNation

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As you all know that I began my  journey on Monday, April 6th ,as  a #NSNation Nutrisytem Blogger!  Well this is my Week # 5 blog report in, 

Well folks I just finished  Week #5 of my Nutrisystem. I am totally impressed with myself that I have made it this far. My challenge this week was the family wanting to eat out. I can tell you that I had one of those " UH OH" what do I do moments. Then it hit me, I received a dinning out guide just for times like this. So I thumbed to it and threw out some suggestions of places that I could go to and everyone agreed. I was able to follow the guide book and stay on plan  ( sheeewwww )

When I weighed in this week , I had a small loss only and had to back track the week what I might have done differently - Drinking Water was my issue - for some reason things got busy and I did not drink like I should have. So hopefully next week will be a bit better.

I also started to do more walking and found that its not to bad ( I am one who hates exercise) but Nutrisystem is designed for all types of us folks. So for me it has not been that bad. I am walking now about 1-2 miles ( 3x a week) that is a huge plus for this lady with a bad knee. Speaking of my knee it is hurting much less with some of this weight gone.

I also have a new found love of veggies and have gotten pretty creative with them. I decided what the heck lets see what asparagus pizza taste like for dinner- don't laugh - it was pretty darn good ! 


Total weight lost: 21 pounds
I am beyond thrilled and looking forward to next week ! Did I say that? I am looking forward to not eating junk - Yes Yes I did 

See you next week - for my update ! 

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