Why we needed Elder Home Care for My Father and the difference it would have made ! You are Not Alone #HomeHero #elderhomecare

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If you have ever been faced with needing elder home care for your loved one. You know first hand the millions of things that go through your mind from what do I do, where do I turn,what about my job. As a Nurse who worked fifteen years in the home care industry, as well as struggled taking care of my own ageing eldery father.  I have seen the struggles and stress of families members. But really if you just take a big deep breath. 

Why this is so passionate to me is because before I went into home care nursing I was forced to quit my job and single handily take care of my terminally ill father. There are some fantastic resources available to you, and if someone had just told me - it would have changed everything for us all ! 

I had three kids and everything that goes with that. Teen sporting events, dances, plays and trying to maintain a normal enjoyment for them and give my father the best care possible. It was a struggle and a juggle.

I can remember phoning my girlfriend who lived an hour away and just sitting on the end of my bed sobbing - feeling like the father daughter care giver and mother all around.
And then realizing it had been 3 days since I even had a shower for myself. I was on the burn out road and fueling with coffee only, and sinking fast with in myself. 

The sad part was, I wasn't taking care of myself in order to be able to take care of my fathers elderly home care. and kids the way they deserved. I was already in an emotional state of mind taking care of my daddy with a terminal illness that I had to say good by to.

Unfortunately before I was able to reach out and get senior home care help I needed, my darling daddy passed away. I often think back now, how I wish I had the time to help care for him, so I could just create those last one on one memories with him. Do not get me wrong, we did create a few, but it could have been so much different Even if the doctors and social workers would have presented me with resource's and they did not. I was the soldier standing strong !

About a year after that , is when I made the decision to go into home care nursing and shift my career in that direction. Letting people know they are not alone and there is help out there for them, helping to implement that . Lets face it , even your loved one that you are caring for carries unbearable guilt watching their family give up everything and time just to take care of them.

We are not new to needing home care, my boyfriends step son also has 24/Hr Care - so as a family we are pretty familiar with the needs and how to seek out the resources. So you are   not alone !

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