Travesty of Justice - inspired by a true story, that will leave you wanting More #Review #TravestyofJustice

" Travesty of Justice by: Heather Butler/Author "

If there is one thing that I love, its a book that makes me think and dig deep into topics and I am always hooked line and sinker for a great love story. When reading "Travesty of Justice" by, Heather Butler/Author, it did just that and more. I have to say how happy I was the weekend it was storming outside and I was able to curl up on the couch with a great cup of coffee and get swept away with this book. It left me unable to put it down. I laughed and I cried, now that's what I call a great read !! 

The book was so elegantly written with such detail and so easy to read.

Travesty of Justice is inspired by a true story, of how two people fight for their love, and equal opportunity, to gain access to their medical profession.

It will show you how other people’s decisions, actions, and judgments, can have devastating effects on two lives.  It displays how the faith of one woman, at the end of the day, can really move mountains, and heal broken hearts.

Travesty of Justice really hit home with me, because  just before reading the book one of the discussions I was having with friends was  how I was recently told by someone. "That I see too much good in people and the world when I should really be seeing the stark colorless in some souls and this world that we truly live in. And that I trust and love unconditionally . 

To me, I believe that compassion is a must in my life - and to treat others with compassion and consideration that I would expect to be treated. I often reflect back in my life while sitting with the nuns who taught at the catholic school I attended, and hearing the words " Always be kind and gentle and do good and always give to others and be compassionate". 

That has always stuck with me in my life and what a powerful thing that has been to see people as individuals and not judge. This book just confirmed that for me! 

Meet ..."Heather Butler/Author "

Heather Butler began her career designing Jewelry and launched her own brand of Jewelry under the trade name: The Butler Collection. Her designs can be found at Heather has worked with many awards shows such as The Juno’s, The Canadian Country Music awards, and The Canadian Screen Awards. She has a starstunned following who own her designs like, Taylor Swift, Catherine Zeta Jones, Michelle Wright, Terry Clark, to name a few. 

Disclosure: I received a copy of this book for no charge for review purposes. However,  all opinions are my 100% my own.