Mommy and Me FITness Together Tips- Make Play Time FUN Pampers #SagToSwag

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As a Mom and young Grandmother,  the one thing I know is diapers. And the most irritating thing is the saggy diapers that leave my little ones feeling irritated, slowed down and just down right weighing them down. They look bad and frankly they are an accident on the horizon waiting to happen at any given moment. You know the one I am talking about !! Leaking from every where and down. Imagine how tired you would get if you had to carry that sag around all day? Well babies get tired too and cranky - making fitness time and play time a disaster. 

My biggest Tip # 1 .." ditch the stroller and get moving " . You do not have to spend a dime doing it. Its free all the way !  I have so many ideas and some can be so simple. Such as when your out and about at a park or theme park. DITCH your stroller, get baby out and let them explore all the sights and sounds, and touch and feel. Its a great way to motive them to be active and improve sensory stimulation. 

Why we choose Pampers Cruisers 

Pampers Cruisers is a diaper line geared towards active babies and toddlers (diaper sizes: 3 through 6) which allow little ones to move and play freely with Pampers best protection and fit.  The Pampers Cruisers diaper is undergoing some exciting changes!  

The diaper will now feature three new “Extra Absorb ChannelsTM” in the diaper’s core which helps distribute wetness evenly so it stays drier and doesn’t sag like ordinary diapers. Pampers Cruisers still provides up to 12 hours of protection to help baby stay drier – plus the new channel design will reduce sag. As a result, babies can move, play and explore their world with a comfortable, better fitting diaper.

  The new Pampers Cruisers diapers feature three Extra Absorb Channels that help little ones stay drier and do not sag like ordinary diapers* – helping babies go from sag to swag.
o   While a poor fitting or saggy diaper can limit babies’ freedom of movement, new Pampers Cruisers have three channels in the core of the diaper that help distribute wetness evenly and prevent diaper sag, helping babies move without restriction.
  • Following a recent survey, Pampers found that more than 80% of moms who notice sag are bothered by saggy diapers, and that more than three-quarters of moms (78%) feel that saggy diapers can weigh their baby down. The three channel absorbent core design in new Pampers Cruisers responds to this parent insight and represents four years of research and development.
•      Following testing of the new Pampers Cruisers, moms shared that the new diaper allows their babies to move more freely with 89% stating that it reduced bulkiness between the legs, and 91% said it distributed and locked wetness evenly.

•      As part of Pampers commitment to supporting the happy, healthy development of each baby and making life #BetterforBaby, Pampers will make a diaper donation at each Pampers Cruiser stop, continuing the brand’s mission to provide millions of diapers for families in need each year.

•      Pampers diapers have three layers of protection and a thin core to help lock away wetness and provide up to 12 hours of protection. Pampers Cruisers feature fun Sesame Street® character designs and include wide, stretchy sides to help the diaper stay in place and flex comfortably with baby’s every move, for Pampers best fit.

While the design of Pampers Cruisers has changed, the diapers are made from the same safe and mild materials as before.
*Based on size 4 vs. a leading value brand

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