#FootWhereSouvenirs - Bring home a piece of where you have been !

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"FootWhere" - is a line of authentic destination souvenirs that acknowledges where you actually set foot anywhere in the world. Captured inside the foot cavity of each embodiment is the genuine soil or sand from the featured location.

They are really neat products from post cards, key chains and clips. Each one has a foot that is filled with the sand from the state you were in ! I love that you can send a post card with something special on it to friends and family at home. 

Sometimes buying the same old coffee cup starts to get boring. These make neat fun gifts to give and collect. 

About FootWhere:
The idea for "FootWhere" was conceived by its creator, Mr. Eddie L. Turner, in response to a friend's request of what would he desire for a souvenir from his impending trip to Bombay, India to perform missionary work. After diligent consideration of this request and realizing that no current souvenir memento was unique enough to fulfill his desire from such a far away place, Mr. Turner's reply was "DIRT". What!, was the response exclaimed by the friend who in turn asked, " And just what do you intend to do with that?" Mr. Turner's reply was, "At present, I do not know". Further brainstorming on Mr. Turner part revealed to him that soil (earth) captured in an attractive and appealing manner would serve as a pleasing and authentic souvenir memento indicative of a person having set foot upon a particular destination. Thus, the "FootWhere" concept was realized and as a consequence 

You can check out all of their products and order here