Protect your expensive #Wetsuits with COR Surf Changing Mat #corboardracks !

If you spend time as we do in the water with our wet suits, as you can see from the recent picture above of our white water rafting trip. You know how expensive they are !! So taking care of them is important , and changing in and out of them should be on your list as well. Keeping them off sandy areas or bottoms of greasy boats  or on concrete surfaces, not only protects - but gives a long life to your suits ! 

COR Surf Changing Mat can help you protect your expensive gear ! 

You can now do that with this COR Surf Changing Mat. You can also use it to wrap up your wet suit for transport with out leaking in your car or trunk. 

Draw String and Barrel Lock Closure

Converts to Wet bag
Protects Wetsuit From Sand and Dirt
Built to Last
Strong PVC-Poly Fabric

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