Christmas Count Down Money Saving Tips !!!

As times are tough ,It can get very discouraging to work and each week/month watch our paychecks go to bills, groceries and nothing else! With the big economic land slide that all of us are feeling in one way or another. And then lets have to see and watch the count down to Christmas Coming .. Ugg !!

Well there are ways to save money every day so that you an live a fuller life and stretch those paychecks. I started by the one trusted thing I knew how to do 

"COUPON" ! I relearned the coupon game. Oh yes I get lots of weird looks when I enter the store with my coupon binder, get it all set up and start shopping and saving up to 50-75% off my groceries each week ! You can print off weekly coupons here at Printable Coupons

Free Product Samples - Yes I sign up for them all, I have little baskets in my stock pile shelf of toothpaste, little sample meds, this and that. They also make great stocking stuffer for the kids and grand kids. Last year I did not buy one stocking stuffer! and with six kids, spouses, and grand babies that's ALOT of stockings to fill. That alone used to cost me minim of $150-200 just to stuff Christmas stockings. Last year my cost was $ZERO !  

My best advice is to start small, sit down and write yourself a list of all the things you spend money on that you really do not need to. Or how you are spending your money, and what you do not need to spend money on. Start your plan of battle to savings, everything takes the first step to do but doing nothing at all does not change things either. I still like to have fun and splurge just like anyone else, but now when I splurge at least I can do it in moderation and use a coupon too !!!

Nana's Deals is sharing the savings that can make a difference to others. It is my personal goal to share the lessons I have learned. Teach the methods I have tried, and proven. Let's use my experience to help you, and others, to achieve the happiness of being a frugal shopper. Join up, and learn what I have come to enjoy !

Tia Maria