Great Taste No Pain Health System Review #HolisticBlends

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I had the pleasure of receiving this book for my reading pleasure, and I was very happy with it. Love that  Great Taste No Pain Health System is NOT a diet book, but a book to give you a great prospective of your digestive system, whats working and whats not with the food you take in. Its chocked full of great recipes and then the recipes for the main dishes also give you suggestive of side dishes to eat with it to maximize the benefits of your meal for the best nutrition possible. I was very impressed with the very careful details to this book and highly recommend it to everyone. Very Easy to follow plan ! 

The Great Taste No Pain plan includes these Five Key Principles:
Principle #1: Proper food combining basic
Principle #2: Eating fruit correctly
Principle #3: Avoiding processed food and fast food
Principle #4: How to choose carbs and fats wisely
Principle #5: Maintain a healthy pH

Imagine a cookbook that embodies everything that’s GREAT about food. The Great Taste No Pain recipe section is loaded with easy-to-prepare dishes that are wonderfully rich and flavorful, as well as healthy and nutritious.

You’ll get 121 mouth-watering recipes that use foods that are easily available in your local grocery store – no hard to find, specialty ingredients.

About The Author... Sherry Brescia
Sherry is an MSHN—nutritionist, national speaker and author. I have studied the relationship between nutrition, digestion and health for the past 22 years. She suffered for 15 years with IBS, having gas, bloating, diarrhea and/or constipation almost daily. Read More HERE about how she transformed her health and is symptom free with Great Taste No Pan