The Qutee Women's Boot Socks, Knee High Socks, Leg Warmers #kneehighsocks

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I received a air of these The Qutee Women's Boot Socks, Knee High Socks, Leg Warmers I selected the tan. I found that the fit over all was comfortable and they do have some stretch to them. However the only issue I had was the ruffle on the top of one of the socks was not sewn together, so leaves a gap on that look. You would have to look close enough to see it, but still there. They are a One Size Fit All, they do say they are leg warmers, but not the case as they are a bit thin to state that as when I see leg warmer I feel the sock will be thicker. They are more for warmer weather of if you have a lined boot. The are stretchy so do fit for larger calfs. I would say they are fun and fashionable.