Why I Aerate My Wine !!!! - Bring out the Flavor in seconds ! #fetehome

As someone who owned and ran her own restaurant for years. One thing I know is serving wine is not just popping a cork and pouring. Wine is something that should be aerated. If you have ever been to a fine dining establishment, you understand. It is so important that you not just open and pour a glass of wine because you are missing out on the true concept and flavor and taste of the wine. Wine is meant to be opened and aerated for many reasons. It brings out the full robust flavor ( exp) in red wines. If you have never tried this before, I so encourage you to buy this Fete Home Adjustable Wine Aerator and give it a try. 

You will be pleasantly surprised at how your wine you have been drinking for years is supposed to taste.  We cater to many high end clients and know our wine's well and the proper way to serve and pair them. Who really has time to open wine and walk away for 45 min - when I want a glass of wine, I want it now, and this makes that possible. I think everyone on my Holiday List is going to get one this year and yours should too. Makes a Perfect Holiday , Office, and New Home Party Gift ! 

Check out my video below showing you how easy it is to use ! 

Why Aerate your Wine?
The whole idea of letting wine breathe, or aerate, is simply to maximize the wines exposure to the air surrounding. When you do this, you allow wine and air to dance so to speak. Then what happens is this magical moment when the wines aromas open up with a much more incredible flavor. If you have never done this, try it - you will never go back to just opening a bottle of wine and pouring it.