Advanced Anti Bark Collar quiets your dog and gives you piece of mind

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Stop your barking dog with the Advanced Anti Bark Collar by Pet's Mumto keep him focused on the hunt and not on barking. As we all know owning a dog comes with alot, and when you have one that wont stop barking , well thats when the fun stops. Neighbors get annoyed, you loose sleep and its not good for your furry friend. When my cocker spaniel was left alone thats what he did, bark and bark non stop. Training your dog to not bark can be time consuming and hard. But with the anti barking collar you can do it fast. Peace and quiet for you , your dog and those living in close quarters. This collar works very well and fast, our dog responded very fast to it and did not seem to have any discomfort. It took a little time training but with any new thing you introduce to your pet, you must have a little patience- do not give up it will work for you! 

Here is how The Anti Bark Collar Works to Stop Barking:

When the dog barks, the throat will vibrate and create airflow.The sensor will feel the airflow to activate the trainer to work. For the first two times the trainer will only work with beeper to warm the dog. If the dog continues to bark, the trainer will work with beeper and then shock. It will continue to reach level 7, and then stop working for 1 minute to protect your dog from harm.

  • We Offer 2 FREE EBOOKS to Know How to Stop Top 10 Dog Obedience & Barking Problem!
  • Automatic harmless warning sound & static vibration shock let your dog stop barking unnecessarily.
  • 2 training modes: beeper and static shock.
  • 7 different combinations of beeper and static shock for training dog effectively and Safely
  • Adjustable leather leash from 6" to 30" to suit all different dogs.
  • The white plastic part is a test light. Put this on the two shock electrodes contact Points, and blowing to the small hole in the middle, when it shock, the light will brighten up.

 18 Month Warranty - Click Here To Buy Now!